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  • Broadchurch

    Anybody been watching it? Excited for the finale tonight where I'm hoping the dog will be revealed as the killer. Worth catching up on if you like the sound of Twin Peaks in's better than it sounds.

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    Re: Broadchurch

    There were some very nice character moments which rang true and honest even if they were far from fresh. As a crime story, though, it was ultimately disappointing: a series of red herrings, the police never getting closer to find the killer, and one hour before the end of the series the killer decides to turn himself in.

    I get, and appreciate, that series nowadays try to focus more on character, but why do they feel they can do that at the expense of the story, the genre and the ending?

    True Detective: "It wasn't really about the crime, it was about the characters and their journey." Really? Really? Then don't sell it to me as a crime drama, don't create questions about the crimes that you're never going to answer, create questions about the characters if that's your focus. Be honest.

    But Broadchurch is never as deceiving as True Detective. It's actually quite nice. I just wished the detectives had something to do with the resolution of the case, and that the killer wasn't just some fringe character that hardly appears in the whole season until he's apprehended by the police.

    In a good mystery, once you know who the killer is, it should be obvious in hindsight, the clues were there all along. In Broadchurch, it could have been anyone, all the specific clues are presented in the last episode. They could have made the killer anybody they wanted.

    The choice of killer works more or less because of the way it touches some of the main characters, but as the final reveal of a crime fiction is very lame.

    I don't know what's the deal with recent crime shows like The Killing (Danish version) or Broadchurch, that somehow think their only narrative tool is series of red herrings until they decide to reveal who the killer is in the last episode, spending the rest of the time exploring character away from the main plot. The whole concept of "everyone has secrets" is okay, but why not tell a great story too?

    I liked Broadchurch better than it may seem judging from these comments, I just wish it were(were, right? Not was?) great and not just better than average. More and more we see serialized television that fails to deliver a strong and satisfying ending. In storytelling, the ending is the whole point of the story, it's what you're building towards; otherwise, you're writing a chronicle, a character study, etc.


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      Re: Broadchurch

      The BROADCHURCH finale was underwhelming.