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  • JACK'S Back- 24 Live Another Day

    Ahah! Who said it's over--

    FOX today announced the return date for Jack Bauer, revealing
    24: Live Another Day will debut on Monday, May 5th with a two-hour premiere
    at 8pm. The following week, it will take its normal timeslot at Mondays at 9pm.

    Series set to premier with filming taking place this month. The 12 episode Fox series run stars Jack Bauer again, on the run in London as I understand things. Initially, Choe returns as his adversary and the season will also feature Kim Raver & William DeVane(sp?). Thank goodness for those two characters (Audrey Raines & James Heller) returning.

    Can't wait to hear Jack saying "Dammit" just one more time as he disobeys yet another edict from the CTU command structure or races against time to stop one more terrorist/bio-weapon/viral epidemic/nuclear bomb/dirty bomb/insert one's own creative nemeisis here... /

    May 5th, one and all. I can't wait.
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    Re: JACK'S Back- 24 Live Another Day

    Interesting that "Chuck" alum Yvonne Strahovski is on board.
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