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    Ele, how random is this........I also recently met Neal McDonough at a bar and played a game pool with him. He seemed like a decent guy but then as the drinks kept coming, he became as ass. (His wife was an amazon).

    As for Band of was decent but too long.


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      Probably the single most reason to order HBO a few years back. Got a nice HBO Band of Brothers Jacket due to that show.

      If you haven't seen it and you like WW II Movies/Series it's definately one to watch.


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        Navel - hahaha. :rollin

        Neal already had a fifth in him by the time I ran into him.



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          Re: Band of Brothers

          it's a lot like black hawk down, there's a lot of characters to follow and you have to watch the series through then watch it again to know who got shot when. the normandy episode and the bulge episode with the medic were the best. the boxset is well worth the money with a couple of good documentaries and a cool video diary by ron livingston.

          i never believed damian lewis was english till i saw him on parkie and he was speaking in his own accent =)

          and i read somewhere that they're doing a ten-part pacific version of the series which should be starting sometime this year.


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            Re: Re: Band of Brothers

            From a Spielberg fansite:

            May 29, 2004 Updates
            -Is 'The Pacific' a documentary miniseries?

            Source: The Ithaca Journal, thanks to Joshua

            A very surprising bit of information popped up in an unlikely source today regarding the "The Pacific" that Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks are developing for HBO.

            The Ithaca Journal has posted an article about Hugh Corrigan, a veteran of the Guadalcanal campaign in World War II who recently was interviewed by a "movie crew for Tom Hanks' and Steven Spielberg's newest production."

            The article says that Corrigan was contacted by Hugh Ambrose, historian and son of famed historian Stephen Ambrose (Spielberg and Hanks' late friend who served as a consultant on "Saving Private Ryan" and "Band of Brothers" (which was based on his book), and founded the The National D-Day Museum in New Orleans) to take part in, as the article calls it "the new 10-part documentary mini-series about the Pacific front of World War II."

            A documentary? I was under the impression all along, given the press' likening the project directly to "Band of Brothers," that the film was a narrative recreation of events in the Pacific. Perhaps the article's writer is mistaken and Corrigan was interviewed (along with others) for segments to open the episodes in the way "Band of Brothers" did.

            I suppose either way a lengthy documentary or a narrative film about the Pacific Theater would be worthwhile, but I'm betting we'll be seeing something more along the lines of "Band of Brothers" given that series' success and popularity. As soon as more solid word develops, we'll clear this up and pass it along.



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              Re: Re: Band of Brothers

              Can't see Spielberg and Hanks getting involved in creating a 10 hour documentary. Can't see HBO going in that direction either. It'll be another Band of Brothers. I've read differing reports that the narrative is to be made up of single episodes about characters not directly associated with one another, from Corrigidor to Iwo Jima to a 10 hour minisieries about Doolittle's B-25 pilots. We'll see


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                Re: Re: Band of Brothers

                If they'd said "Ken Burns" I'd agree with 10 part documentary.

                But they said "Stephen Speilberg" and that man doesn't know how to make something non-entertaining.

                I expect it to be fictionalizations of actual events, like BoB.

                So far, just finished episode 5.


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                  Re: Re: Band of Brothers

                  Not that it's needed at this point, but I wanted to throw in my two cents...

                  I really dug this whole series too. I think it's better than Private Ryan in many ways, and even cooler in that it's really based on the true adventures of one of the most storied companies in the army.

                  I met a bunch of the actors while the series was in it's first run. (A pack of them came to a film fest to see an old Neal McDonough film which had been directed by a friend of mine.) It was a real cool bunch. Dale Dye and Ron Livingston were there, as well as the guys who played George Luz, Skip Muck, Lieutenant Spears.

                  One thing that really impressed me was the level of knowledge and research involved. The actors had all met the real guys they were playing, or had met relatives. They knew when their characters had passed away if their characters weren't alive in 2000.

                  Dale Dye was amazing to speak with. A really nice guy on top of being as knowledgeable as all hell.


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                    Re: Re: Band of Brothers

                    I've only had email convos with Dale Dye. He's very, very cool... in the "If I had to put together a crack team of former military to break free my dad from Algeria, he'd be on the list" kinda way.


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                      Re: Re: Band of Brothers

                      Make sure you watch the documentary on the real life Band that was part of the series. They don't make 'em like that anymore...