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  • Robot Chicken

    Rib-splittingly hilarious. Woot, Seth Green & Co.

    Their skewering of the Surreal Life ("For today's challenge, we must take the One Ring and toss it into the fires of Mount Doom") and Lord of the Rings had me both cringing and crying with laughter.

    When Ron Jeremy jousted the Lord of the Nazgul with... er... his... um... tool? I was dying.

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    Have you seen 'em all?

    Sunday's was my least favorite, thus far - but only because they've all been so great.


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      Traci Bingham/Black Barbie doll...

      Where was Traci Bingham? She's hot!!!! Plus I'm sure she would do a VO for scale or maybe less than scale. I'm sure the art dept could find some black Barbies and some red swimsuits.


      PS: This will be my 300th post!

      Hooray for me!!!



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        Re: Traci Bingham/Black Barbie doll...

        So far, my two favorites have been when the Cabbage Patch Kids kill Chucky and terrorize the earth (story of my friggin life here)

        and of course the brilliant LOTR skewering.


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          Re: Traci Bingham/Black Barbie doll...

          Never heard of it.

          What is it?


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            Re: Traci Bingham/Black Barbie doll...

            It's on Adult Swim, but not when your precious Goku is. Or maybe so. I don't know.

            Anyway, Seth Green & friends (he gets LOTS of stars to VO their own dolls) animate action figures and other toys in short-attention-span slapstick and potty-humor sketches.


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              Re: Traci Bingham/Black Barbie doll...

              Hmm...haven't seen it yet.

              But, there is a cartoon on Adult Swim that parodies the Johnny Qwest cartoons that's pretty funny.


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                It's pretty funny.

                I like the Venture Brothers a lot.


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                  Eight year old Sarah Michelle Gellar: "This is me, and this is Seth Green. We're married!"


                  Eight year old Sarah Michelle Gellar: "This is me, and this is Stalin. We're married!"

                  I suppose you have to see it really.


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                    More Michelle Gellar:

                    Just after the "Lettuce Patch" kids kill Chucky....

                    "That's where I step in. I carry a crossbow."

                    snap to, Sarah Michelle in a restaurant with her friends...

                    "And that's why I left after season 8."


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                      I wish they'd bring back Space Ghost Coast to Coast because a lineup of that with Robot Chicken, Sealab2021 and Aqua Teen Hunger Force could be the best hour of comedy in nearly ten years (Previous title holder being back-to-back Simpsons in the glory days).


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                        Venture Brothers!

                        God help me, I love it.

                        And Robot Chicken!

                        We live in special times, people. Someday we will look back and realize that, yes, these were the glory days.


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                          Adult Swim is the current home of hip, laugh-out-loud "adultish" comedy. Which is sad. Because I'm tuning out Conan for this, and he's the same demo.


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                            Ratings/Adult Swim

                            I recall AW posting ads on air that said the Adult Swim shows got the highest ratings for 18-34 males. Higher than the network talk shows and other cable programs. BTW: Any members see the Birdman ad contest winner? It suuuuuuck!!!!

                            I say this not because my ad/project didn't get entered into the contest.



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                              Anyone got any Venture Brothers scripts?