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    VARIETY just reported that Ben Affleck and the FEAST producers optioned the final Top 3 Script, DOES ANYONE HERE REMEMBER WHEN HANS GRUBENSTEIN INVENTED TIME TRAVEL....

    Sh!t, not a bad year to be a Top 3 candidate! Everyone's script is getting a shot at seeing the big screen!


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      The way the script finalists are chosen is absolutely flawed. To submit a script I believe you have to turn around and review 3 other scripts. And according to some reviewers, there are ways to answer the polling questions without even reading the scripts. I would never dream of paying to submit something of mine to a contest that is so half-a$$ed.

      The show is fantastic. I love that it is on Bravo this year, since I didn't have HBO to watch it before.

      I have read "Feast". It was awful with no plot and I couldn't have cared less about the characters. I read it before it won and then when I heard it won, I was like "huh?" And according to what I saw of the finalist shorts, Gulager was the only director finalist who would have a prayer of saving that script. Even if he lives in his own little world. At least he has started stating his opinion, even if it is to put 4 of his family members in the movie. Hey, he's in a position to ask, so what the hell, right? He needs to learn when to give it up though, before pissing everybody off.

      So I just read "Wildcard" last week, and it wasn't anything special. Some decent dialogue, but the characters were weakly developed and the plot was blah. I'm surprised Wes Craven optioned it, but maybe he read something I didn't.

      Then I started reading "Does Anybody Remember When...?" the other day. I've read up to page 30 so far and this is one quirky script. It had a little bit of a rocky start, but it's off the wall, extremely technically detailed (the writer put a lot of creative thought into the time-travel deal), and it's actually funny. I'm going to go finish reading it now. It deserves to be optioned. Yeah, I can see why it may (will) be hard to market, but I would definitely pay $5.50 (matinee) to go see it.

      Just my 2 cents. But I love it when people talk s*** about scripts they haven't even read. :rollin


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        But I love it when people talk s*** about scripts they haven't even read.
        You're new here, aren't you?


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          but I would definitely pay $5.50 (matinee) to go see it
          You must be from the midwest.


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            I read the script and I thought it was decent. Not great, but decent. I can absolutely see how this film could make money. You must remember, the horror genre has a core group of fanatics, that will see just about any horror flick that's made available for them. This is why so many horror films,while not all go to the theatre, make good money straight to video. But with the publicity this movie has along with the television show, people get a so-called behind the scenes look and then get to see the final product.

            PGL just needs to find that right balance between what they show during the episodes and what we see on screen. If I were just a person who didn't care for writing, I'd stop watching the show and I'd never see it in the theatre because they've already made this movie appear to be a sure loser.

            $5.50 for a ticket? Where are you? I wish I could pay that much at a MATINEE and get by with five and a half bucks.

            And yes the system is completely flawed. I would never dream of paying for a contest in which my very competitors are judging me.

            But I do think PGL is a good thing for us aspiring writers. Most of the top three's in all contests have done well for themselves.