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    Samonek, Whitenavel, et al...

    I've never been a big fan of Monty Python, Benny Hill, Eddie Izzard, various British comedies I've seen, even the Brit (original) version of "Who's Line is it Anyway?" (the only funny ones on there are the Canadians...the same two who are the only funny ones on the American version), etc., so what am I missing?

    What are some of the greats that I should be watching/re-watching (admittedly, I haven't seen a Python movie in years) to give me a better appreciation of Brit humor?

    And, the cable system I have at school doesn't have the BBC, so where can I acquire some of your suggestions?

    I'm willing to be open-minded about this cultural genre of comedy, so I look to the fans of it for suggestions on what "greats/classics" that are "must see" that I need to see.


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    I think Fawlty Towers is the funniest sitcom in the history of TV. The whole series is on DVD (there were only 12 episodes).


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      Currently ' Little Britain' is the buzz show over here although it is a sketch show rather than a sit-com.

      It's pretty far out there with characters such as 'The Only Gay in The Village' 'Vicki Pollard, the teenager from Hell, and a shockingly rude narration by Ex Doctor Who Tom Baker.

      Got to agree on Fawlty Towers refried. Wasn't there a US version caled Royal Payne or something like that?


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        I remember a U.S. version that starred John Laroquette and didn't live very long. Royal Payne sounds right. I never watched it myself, because I knew it couldn't be anything but a letdown.

        Speaking of sketch shows, there's The Fast Show (known over here as Brilliant!). I think it's great, but I don't know if it's on DVD.


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          yeah The fast Show is good too. Johhny Depp had a part in one ep as he liked it so much. he was a customer in the SUITS YOU SIR!


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            My recomendations would be:

            Father Ted
            Blackadder (Season 2)
            Fast Show (A sketch rather than sitcom show)
            Men Behaving Badly ( The BBC seasons*)
            The Day Today (Spoof news/reality show)
            Victoria Wood As Seen On TV (Sketch show)
            One Foot In The Grave
            Have I Got News For You (Topical quiz show)
            Red Dwarf
            Dads Army (Set in WWII and made not long after!)
            Allo Allo (Farce with more smutty innuendo per episode than anything else on TV)

            * MBB was an ITV show but was canned after one season. The BBC bought it and recast on of the actors and it took off.


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              The League of Gentlemen: Series 1-3 <---highly recommended!!
              Bo Selecta
              Brass Eye

              I think all are available via Amazon UK/US


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                Hack, I never said I liked Brit humor. In fact, most of it doesn't appeal to me. The Brit version of The Office I found to be amusing, but I haven't seen all the eps, only a handful. The American version I found to be hilarious and entertaining and better than most sitcoms on network TV.
                When I was a kid, I did enjoy Benny Hill, but only because they rarely spoke, the music was funny, the little old man they picked on and the women were close to naked.

                In my youth, I also enjoyed The Paul Hogan Show, but of course, he's an Aussie.

                I never really cared for Monty Python, but some of their films have some great scenes.


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                  I realise that I'll be doubling up here (zz9, you stole my taste for TV!)...

                  Red Dwarf
                  The Goodies
                  The Kenny Everett Show / Video Show / Video Cassette
                  Dad's Army
                  Fawlty Towers
                  Porridge (had its moments)
                  Going Straight (likewise)

                  ...and if you can find them on DVD or video, check out Dave Allen, Tommy Cooper and The Two Ronnies (Barker and Corbett).


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                    What, no one remembers On the Buses or Are You Being Served?

                    2.4 Children , My Family, and Lovejoy are my favorites.

                    Red Dwarf too


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                      Yeah, people remember Are You Being Served.

                      It just ain't funny. :lol

                      Lots of good shows in this thread. Very wide gamut of comedic styles. I don't think it's easy to peg a "style" of British comedy when you've got everything from the absurdist anarchy of Young Ones to the precision timed farce of Fawlty or the kitchen-sink warts-and-all style of something like Royle Family - and everything in between. I don't think everything British is automatically funny - in fact a lot of it sucks. But I would second the recommendation of just about anything mentioned in this thread. Has Thin Blue Line been mentioned?

                      Kenny Everett! :lol


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                          As for Are You Being Served?, I was going to say pretty much what Mike said.

                          No, we didn't forget it.

                          (Yeah, okay, when the old lady talks about her pvssy, she means her cat. We got it the first 73 times.)

                          (what the hell? p u s s y is censored by ezboard?! sometimes a cat is just a cat.)

                          yeah The fast Show is good too. Johhny Depp had a part in one ep as he liked it so much. he was a customer in the SUITS YOU SIR!
                          OH! SUITS YOU, SIR!

                          Heh. Yeah. Such a weird and twisted sketch. It was funny every time they did it, even though you knew what was coming.

                          Depp also references The Fast Show (aka Brilliant!) in an outtake on the Pirates of the Caribbean DVD. It's from the scene where he's talking about the word "parley" being French, and he goes off on this long, rambling improvisation about other things the French invented -- all in character as Jack Sparrow, of course -- and finally he just sort of trails off and mutters "I'll get me coat." (Referring to another recurring sketch that stayed funny even though you knew exactly what was going to happen every time.)

                          Another good sitcom I just discovered is Black Books, with Irish Comedian Dylan Moran. He was David, the uptight git, in Shaun of the Dead, and he plays a completely different character absent-minded, disheveled drunk who runs a book store. It's really funny -- but for some reason, BBC America showed only the first three or four episodes, and then it disappeared.

                          I also recently caught most of "Spaced," a sitcom Simon Pegg did before doing Shaun of the Dead. It's also got Nick Frost from Shaun of the Dead (once again playing his best friend), and Pegg co-wrote the show with Jessica Stevenson, who plays his roommate here (and was his ex-girlfriend in Shaun). It's got a lot of the humor of Shaun of the Dead except, you know, without zombies.

                          All worth looking for.


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                            I'll... um .....get me coat.


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