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  • Favorite Taxi Episodes

    Now that seasons 1 and 2 of Taxi are out on DVD, I thought I'd start a thread on favorite episodes...

    There's so many I could call my favorite. The brilliant writing and the great cast made this my favorite sitcom ever.

    I think the funniest episode was Jim getting his driver's license with the classic "Yellow Light" line.

    One of my favorites is the one where Alex gets his chance at working in the theater even though his bosses think he's too old.

    Another one that I liked was when Alex got held up and had a gun go off by his ear, making him temporarily deaf.

    He keeps hearing everyone wrong, and after awhile they get tired of repeating everything for him...

    Bobby: "Boy, you hear about these things happening all the time but you never think it's gonna happen to you."

    Alex: "What makes you think it was a Jew?"

    Bobby: "Oh...just a hunch." :lol

    Alex and Jim were my favorite characters because the episodes that featured them always seemed to have heart; it could be Jim buying a race horse with the money he won betting on it or Alex's last days with his dying dog that he grew up with. You just don't see TV like this anymore which is a clear indication on what our society has become.

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    "What does a yellow light mean?" is perhaps my favorite scene on TV of all time.

    I also like the one where Jim burns down Louie's aprtment.

    I also like the one where we flashback to Jim at Harvard before he takes drugs.

    Then there's the one where Latka and his wife fix up everyone on dates.


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      Yup, many great moments, and hard to pick one episode.

      I think my favorite would have to be, Latka's identity crisis, which leads to him becoming Alex. When the two Alexes go to the therapist: â€Heâ€TMs pouring my heart out.†Itâ€TMs so clever, and itâ€TMs such a terrific setup: Latka discovers the answer to Alexâ€TMs (un-) happiness, and then reverts? Awesome. Itâ€TMs the one I look forward to the most.

      No, wait! Itâ€TMs the episode with Jimâ€TMs premonition -- the girl scout and her cookies, after Alex drinks the water, gets the hiccups and puts on the catcherâ€TMs mask: â€Did you see it Reiger!! It was hideous!!â€

      If you like TAXI, Iâ€TMd guess you also like CHEERS? the first two seasons? I think the writing and acting in that are also terrific, and it has a very similar feel for character and drama to me (like TAXI). The early seasons strike me as televised theatre: complete short stories, and just great fiction.


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        When I saw the thread title I immediately thought of Jim taking the test for his driver's license :lol @#%$ that was funny.

        Also loved the one where Louie, high as a kite after Jim spiked his coffee, started singing 'On Moonlight Bay' before passing out (on the hood of one of the cabs?)

        That show really took off after Chris Lloyd joined the cast. The dopey country boy they had before him was stale. So many great episodes. A true classic

        And yeah, alot of the creative staff were reponsible for Cheers afterward, and then Frasier. Great TV all

        *edited to add*

        Just remembered the episode where Louie was trying to kill the cockroach in his cage :lol


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          I love 'em all.

          Three that come to mind are..

          When Bobby is going to give up on his acting career if he doesn't get a phone call by midnight.


          When they find a briefcase and go to a masquerade party thinking it's a Woody Allen party.

          And when Alex decides to defy death and jump out of a plane and Louie is up there with him and he took out a life insurance policy on Alex.

          Louie: Reiger, I got five grand riding on this jump and I still don't want you to die.
          Alex: I hope you're not waiting for applause, Louie.


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            TAXI is my all time favorite. I have the Taxi Scrapbook and everything. Season 1 and 2 DVDS are among my prized sets.

            Among my Favorites:

            Latka's mother and Alex go out.

            Latka turns into Vic Ferrari

            The Big Race where Louie and Alex challenge each other.

            The Fantasy 2 parter.

            James L. Brooks is a friggin genius. Nuff said.