Gail Berman moves to Paramount.



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  • Gail Berman moves to Paramount.

    Will this decide AD's fate? Or help its cause? Or...?

    Berman ankles Fox
    Grey taps prexy for top Par post

    Fox Entertainment prexy Gail Berman is about to ankle the network to take a new executive role inside Paramount, insiders confirmed Tuesday morning.

    It's believed that new Paramount honcho Brad Grey has pursued Berman for a top job at the studio.

    Berman's contract with Fox is set to expire later this year, and she had been negotiating a new pact. But the exec informed News Corp. prexy/chief operating officer last night that she had decided to accept the Paramount gig.

    Berman's decision to depart comes in the midst of pilot season, just two months before Fox unveils its new series to advertisers at the New York upfronts. It's too early to tell how her position will be filled, although long-rumored candidates to take over the entertainment prexy position in the event of Berman's departure have included 20th Century Fox TV prexy Dana Walden. Other rumored contenders include FX topper Peter Liguori and Fox TV Studios honcho Angela Shapiro.

    Berman has served as Fox Entertainment prexy since July 2000, making her the longest-tenured of all current network entertainment toppers. Under her watch, the net has developed hit skeins including "24," "American Idol" and "The O.C."

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    I'll start singing praises or biting my nails when I hear who her replacement is.

    Berman always seemed kinda wishy-washy when it came to the fate of AD....


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      It's a purely financial decision at this point, as always.

      Fox has COMPLETELY given up on this show ever having good ratings.

      They've washed their hands with that. It just won't. It's had two years and amazing press and an emmy and people just don't watch.

      Seinfeld had horrible ratings too, but they were in obscurity their first few seasons.

      AD has had every opportunity to get the ratings up and it ain't happening.

      SO, Fox is going to calculate the loss and put that against possible DVD sales for years to come and add the bad press of canceling a show with such a loyal audience like the Family Guy had which THEY ARE NOW BRINGING BACK and come to a decision.

      I think they're going to go for one more year, although a new boss is dangerous. They want to remove the stench of failed shows and start fresh with their own ideas.

      It's a tough call. I'm saying they're gonna stick.


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        I don't think it could hurt AD's chances. Berman seemed pretty spineless about backing the show.



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          Ratings is just an excuse. As I mentioned before, AD's ratings are about the same as Malcolm, 70s Show, and are not even that far off from Simpsons. At least from what I've read. The problem Berman had with AD is that it wasn't a smash hit. So the question is: Do they keep it on with the loyal viewers it has or kill it and give themselves one more spot to try and place a potential smash.

          Hopefully, the new guy will clean house with the tired crap like Malcolm and give this show a chance.