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  • The Arrested Development keep hope alive thread

    I have some good news. I can't get into details...but you guys always know me to be real about everything.

    Apparently, some pilots were trying to book the kid who plays George Michael. Thing is, they weren't allowed because he was still tied to Arrested Development. Shows that are on their way out tend to give actors enough freedom for pilot season so that they may actually have a job in the fall. But George Michael wasn't going anywhere.

    According to my people in the casting world, this is a sure sign that the show will be back.


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    Well, that sounds good. Add the stuff Pitts said about them leaving the sets up, and it looks like somebody with some measure of power thinks the show will be back.

    Maybe the rumor Pitts mentioned about them restarting production in July to do 13 episodes for next season is true. That'd be better than nothing.

    Now -- nobody say anything funny in this thread, or it'll get locked!


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      there are so few people that post here that are capable of actually being funny.

      myself included.


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        But we know funny when we see it, right? Which is why we're so into Arrested Development that we've got another thread going.


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          still hopeful

          One more day of shooting, then it's the waiting game.

          The last I heard is IF it get's picked up it will start again in June/July.

          It's all up to the execs now. I hope they give it one more chance and actually run it for more than two weeks in a row.

          Fox has 20 plus pilots going right now, so we'll see.