Finally! ENTERPRISE is cancelled



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  • Finally! ENTERPRISE is cancelled

    And not a moment too soon.

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    Just when it started not sucking and I started watching it regularly....


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      I will admit I enjoyed the first season and the Temporal Cold War plot, but it just didn't move like TNG or DS9 did. The year long plot wasn't so bad if it neatly close the Cold War plot in five minutes flat.

      Too bad, Scott Bakula is a good actor and the rest of the actors on the show seemed to be giving it their all.

      Hopefully, they'll wait a few years and come back with new blood, some good plots and characters.


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        This is a step in the right direction. Now the powers-that-be need to exorcise the demon of Rick Berman and completely re-invent the franchise. They should also dump Brannon Braga while they're at it. It's too bad that Ron Moore is busy on Battlestar Galactica. He was one of the few leftovers from the TNG crew that had some talent. Paramount needs to take a new look at the Trek property in the next few years. It's a great franchise, but almost everything that they have produced in the last five years (tv shows, movies, video games) have completely sucked. In fact, the holder of the video game license actually sued Paramount for running the franchise into the ground and destroying the value of their license. It's a sad state of affairs for one of the best, if not THE best, sci-fi properties of all time.


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          I predict the franchise will lay dormant for several years, maybe a decade, maybe even more. No TV, no movies. Then Viacom will go casting about for properties that might still have some earning power. And there'll be a new movie, and it'll do just well enough to justify a new TV series on the still-struggling UPN.

          And, with any luck, it won't suck.


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            Maybe do it like "Smallville" did for a teen version with a teen James T Kirk in the Acadamy...and teen versions of rest of it, hmmm...ST, the Acadamy...reaching here, sorry...


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              call it, hmmm...ST, the Acadamy...reaching here, sorry...
              There were plans to do that a long, long, long time ago.

              But, we got Star Trek The Motion Picture instead...


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                Well, that was the concept for a video game, Starfleet Academy.

                Pretty cool game, but frustrating at times.


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                  I like Trek and I'm glad it gets made.

                  I wonder if the end of last season will go down as the moment Enterprise jumped the shark...

                  When that Xindi fishmonster showed up in a Nazi uniform?


                  There should be a new noun.... Enterprise jumped the Sharkzi.


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                    The Nazi Aliens have won.

                    All hope is lost...


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                      Even though we can all agree that this is the best thing for the franchise, no question...its also sad to many of us that there will be no star trek on the air for quite some time. There is something reassuring about trek being on...even if its not good trek.

                      So for that reason alone, can you guys keep the celebrating down to a minimum. Thanks.


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                        Eh, I'd rather have no Trek than bad Trek.

                        But I do find the celebration puzzling. "Finally!" it's canceled? "Not a moment too soon"?

                        Why take such glee in the cancelation of a TV show? Unless somebody was forcing you to watch it, I don't understand taking pleasure in its demise. It wasn't hurting you, you didn't have to watch it....

                        Maybe it's a result of seeing the business as a zero-sum game, so you end up seeing a stranger's success as your failure, and a stranger's failure as your success.

                        If that's the case, I guess we'll see Mr. Whitta's own series on TV soon.

                        Or not?


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                          I don't really think there is a feeling of celebration more like relief. It's hard to watch someone beating the dickens out a carcass of a friend not that (I've been watching for a long time mind you.)



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                            Why take such glee in the cancelation of a TV show? Unless somebody was forcing you to watch it, I don't understand taking pleasure in its demise. It wasn't hurting you,
                            Oh, but it was hurting all of us. Every Trek fan felt violated by dreck like Enterprise. The fact that sub-par crap like that was carrying on the Trek name was hurting the franchise as well. How many new fans do you think Enterprise brought into the fold? I guarantee you that it was less than the number of Trek fans who threw up their hands and abandoned the franchise in frustration. It's better to have no Trek than crappy Trek. Let the franchise rest, get new personnel to run it, and try again in a few years when you have fresh ideas.

                            However, I have to disagree about the Starfleet Academy idea. That idea has been floating around for years and it makes me shudder. You know that in today's TV environment, it would be turned into Star Trek: The OC. Can you imagine a bunch of anorexic teenage girls running around in Trek uniforms waxing on about whether they should go to the prom with a Vulcan or a Human? It would be a disaster. Trek is about epic characters going on epic quests. It's not a show about teenage anxst.


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                              Trek really isn't a religious faith. It's more of a TV show.