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  • The Grammys

    The show was awesome. Bono said it best....

    "The best Grammys we've ever seen."

    Nuff said.

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    Too bad all the artists and the music was awful (except U2). But the show's production values were very good.


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      I wonder what it's like to go through life wrong all the time.

      I guess I'll never know.

      Los Lonely Boys, Maroon 5, Franz Ferdinand, Alicia Keys, U2, Green Day, Southern Rock Jam/Lynyrd Skynrd, John Mayer,Usher/James Brown, Tsunami Song(Bono, Slash, Stevie Wonder, Steven Tyler, Norah Jones, Billie and more), Tim Mcgraw, Melissa Etheridge doing Joplin. Awesome.

      Almost every performance was awesome. They only gave out ELEVEN awards which was even better. It was really like one long concert.

      Great show.


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        Me too.

        I hope you enjoyed your favorite artists Usher, J Lo and Marc Anthony. This is the best the popular music has to offer?


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          Look up to edited post.

          Usher and JAMES BROWN was amazing.

          Did you see the show? It was 3 1/2 hours long. I'm sorry you can't peel yourself away from the JLO performance.


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            Billy, I watched the whole show to see who won awards. The Grammys have for the most part been awarded to talented artists, unlike the American Music Awards which is a popularity contest. Unfortunately, they barely gave out any awards. This was an AWARDS show and all they did was scroll the winners across the bottom of the screen. I don't like most popular music and watching Usher perform as if he were a legend like James Brown makes me cringe. Or seeing J Lo and Marc croon on a bed. Ugh.
            The sets were amazing, production values first rate. Most of those artists you named are popular musicians. It was missing a lack of "other" talent too. Just my opinion.


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              And what I liked about the show was that the it was performance based and that there weren't many awards and long boring speeches.

              I can't stand JLO and Mark Anthony. I really could care less about Usher(the guy is talented though), Kanye West and most of today's "popular" music.

              That's why I LOVED THE SHOW!

              Classic performances by classic, legendary artists. Sweet Home Alabama was worth the price of admission. And great performances for Rock fans. Green Day was awesome. The show was rocking from the word go and there were only a couple of moments that I didn't care for, including the JLO, but it was fun to see if she could sing and she can in a VERY limited range. And I mean very.

              I don't know how old you are or your musical tastes, but FOR ME and many others including my idol, BONO, last night hit on almost all cylinders.


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                The performances that stay with me are the ones with Green Day and Kanye West.

                Marc Anthony's singing ran circles around JLo's (and she's bigger than he is!)


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                  I am 33.
                  I am a fan of Bono and U2 and always have been. I am a classic rock fan and a classic alternative rock fan. I do like several current alternative rock bands, but not Green Day as they are overplayed. I would have prefered to see U2 perform alone. I guess that most of the artists that performed last night, I am not a fan of.
                  Bring back Van Halen.


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                    Looks as if no one was watching last night.



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                      You seem happy about that as if that somehow proves your point. "Sideways" has done 52mil total box office."Are we there Yet?" has made 62mil.

                      I quote your article...

                      "This was the show to beat in terms of how it was produced," said Shari Anne Brill, a television analyst for Carat USA. "It was just great. It wasn't about someone handing out awards. It was about performances. Viewers who didn't tune in missed a treat."

                      The Grammys, which has a long history of being derided as the Grannies within the music industry, even drew an endorsement from one of pop's potentates. "I think this is the best Grammys we've ever seen," U2 lead singer Bono said as the group accepted an award toward the show's end.

                      Nuff Said.


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                        It doesn't prove my point at all. I'm not even sure I had a point, other than the fact that most of the popular talent that performed is not my cup of tea.
                        All it shows is that people care more about Desperate Housewives than the popular music fest, the Grammys.

                        I, for one, didn't find it a treat.


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                          the Grammys

                          I especially liked Melissa Etheridge's performance. I found Joss Stone good at first but when Etheridge came on, I wanted Stone off the stage. (sorry) She is a pretty girl, of course, but her talent pales in comparison to Etheridge's.

                          I thought Bonnie Raitt's vocal performance was fine, but her fingering (or should I say slide) wasn't up to her usual excellence. I have seen her in person many times over the years - she's probably my favorite female performer. But I felt her compassion.

                          U2's Bono is such a cool guy and he knows it. That's the only drawback to him. His vocals are superb - the best, really. The Edge is a great guitarist and the rest of the band is good, too. Love them.

                          Usher is a bit overwhelmed with hisself, as they say, trying to be Michael Jackson. Why doesn't he just bring on a boy's choir? (sorry) He copied Jackson's moves and staging in some places - bad idea. He's talented enough to be and do his own thing.

                          I will always like wife beater James Brown's music and stage performances in spite of himself.

                          The CD entitled Genius (Ray Charles) is aptly named - I always admired him, but didn't realize how good he truly was until I heard him perform Paul McCartney's Eleanor Rigby once. He stopped dead in the middle of the song and blew me away when he cranked it up again. Words cannot express how he affected me or what he did to that song that made me feel that way. It's a sad song, and he really emphasized the words by stopping the music. He really was a musical genius.

                          As far as the awards, I wanted to see some of those lifetime achievement type awards - like the one Led Zeppelin won. Maybe the show can be longer next time?

                          There is value in the music and the presentation of awards - this show needs to be longer. (sorry everyone who doesn't agree with me.)