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  • LOST EP. "HOMECOMING" 2/9/05


    Nice episode. But I think it would have been more dramatic and effective had Ethan killed someone of importance from the show, one of the main characters.
    And how did Claire get away from Ethan? She couldn't outrun the guy. I was really hoping that she would reappear without the baby and had no idea what happened to her. Perhaps in later episodes she would have found her baby. Oh well, nice to see her back.
    I also like the fact that the guns are back in the story. They'll only add more tension and drama.

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    I wish she'd been un-pregnified, too. That would have been really interesting. But, then, they couldn't have the moment, where, in a time of extreme tension, she starts having contractions. Cuz, you know, when in doubt, make the pregnant lady go into labor.

    I gotta say, Jack's been driving me nuts. He's too pious or something. I guess JJ was going to kill him off pretty early on in the series, to make Kate the protag, but was talked out of it by the network. I think JJ had the right instinct. And now, Kate's character is suffering from blandness because, in a way, there are two protags. (even though each ep features a supporting character as protag).

    Next week's ep, with the romantic, yet slightly tribal, triangle? Ugh. I grow tired of this.

    However, much kudos to Damon for writing an ep where Sawyer doesn't hold something back from the group. Instead, he just jumped right in, with the item. Was kind of cool, cuz I was getting tired of them wasting 10 minutes of C story on getting Sawyer to give up one of his many found treasures.

    I guess I still like this show. But, I keep watching it out of habit, rather than any true excitement, like I had in first half of season. I'm just kind of biding time until next David Fury episode.



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      Ditto what navel said, across the board. The producers have demonstrated a clear unwillingness to kill off one of the known characters. That unwillingness definitely translates into lost dramatic effect. However, I do understand why they wouldn't want to lose a character in whom they've invested a fair chunk of air time - this is the paradox. IMO, they DO need to buck up and kill off a main character some time not too far off. They did kill off Ethan, however. I'd have preferred he stayed (a bit longer), since he was a formidable threat and really contributed to the tension level. Oh well.

      As for the guns: yeah, they've now got five guns among a group of potential "loose cannons". It will be interesting how it plays out: guns being the "great equalizer" and all.


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        I feel like the JJ Abrams make-it-up-as-you-go-along style is starting to show with some detrimental effects.

        Key questions are answered in vague, non-commital ways that only serve to buy time and allow them to come back to the same subject later.

        I still like this show, but I grow weary of certain elements. I wish they would stop spinning so many circles and take a few bold steps forward.

        But since it's already done, I suspect more of the same is on the way.


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          Jesus you guys. It took them like 3 years to kill of Sipowitz's first partner. Give them a friggin season to set us up with these guys, THEN let them all die.

          Sheesh! Friggin instant gratification junkies!



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            Yeah, it's only been half a season. Why does anybody need to die already?

            This episode was pretty good except that Ethan was killed. He's one of the creepiest villains I've seen in a while. I would've loved to have seen more from him. And get some answers.

            And I don't buy Charlie pulling the trigger.



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              Who wants to take bets that Ethan comes back to life?

              Just call it hunch.


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                Nope, but I'm thinking that Ethan II is right around the corner.


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                  I didn't like Charlie "pulling the trigger" either. It would have been better for Ethan to be interrogated -- not give up any info -- then have him escape, leaving the question..."did he escape by himself...or did one among us help him?"

                  The doctor needs to go...he's a boring "anchor"...dragging the show down.


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                    Nope, but I'm thinking that Ethan II is right around the corner.
                    Hmm... some cloning action on the island? Admittedly, that would be among the least remarkable of the goings on on this island.

                    The doctor needs to go...he's a boring "anchor"...dragging the show down.
                    He's a good example of the perils of a protag with no real flaw. Just an all-around good guy. Funny how it bores the hell out of people, but seems to be a pretty universal response.


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                      I like Jack quite a bit. And I think he does have a flaw, we just haven't seen it yet. His backstories have suggested a lot of drama in his life. I think if Kate and Sawyer take a roll in the hay...or sand...or whatever, it might be triggered.



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                        Jack's only flaw is that the guy who plays him is married!!



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                          Hey anomalies! Was wondering when you were scheduled for return to earth. Welcome back. 0]


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                            Next week's ep, with the romantic, yet slightly tribal, triangle? Ugh. I grow tired of this.
                            Forget about it, Boobs. It's Sweepstown.

                            February sweeps. So they crank the sex and violence knobs up to 11.

                            I know APW was joking, but geez. I agree. Why's everyone so disappointed that they didn't kill off a main character? Star Trek went three seasons without killing a main character. How many seasons of Buffy did we get before Buffy's mom died? (I don't count Miss Callendar; she was just a long-running guest star.)

                            I wouldn't count on losing many of the main characters. I have a feeling the reason there are 50 people on the island, most of whom we don't know and seldom see, is so there'll be plenty of redshirts to croak. And, anyway, who would you pick? What main character would you like them to get rid of in the middle of the first season so we never see him/her again?

                            (And the crowd says "Shannon!" Yeah, I wouldn't miss her. As she's written, she's too f-cking stupid. Like tonight: "Didn't anybody tell you?" Okay, Ms. Plot Point.)


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                              Oh, hey -- did everyone catch the sitcom references tonight?

                              The first one, when Charlie says "Anyang!" to the Korean guy, and the Korean guy yells back "Anyang!" -- I wasn't sure about. I thought it could be an Arrested Development reference, but I figured it was probably just a way of showing that Charlie was smart and knew (or had picked up) enough Korean to say "Hello."

                              But then the girl in his flashback made reference to her father buying "some paper company in Slough." Obvious reference to The Office. So maybe the "Anyang!" was a reference to Arrested Development, after all.

                              (Maybe this is a message to anyone who likes Lost and isn't watching Arrested Development. The writers of Lost like AD, and you should be watching it, too. It's the funniest show on TV right now, and it may be in danger. And what else are you going to watch on Sunday night at 8:30? Surreal Life?)