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    New season kicked off last night...looks like John will be this season's "Collin.." Poor Victoria! The wrestlers are pretty funny...

    and that funky "CIA" guy...hmmm

    felt bad the two young Jewish guys from Brooklyn lost in 1st round..

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    I said the same thing about that John guy. Sort of sucks that this season is pretty much casted like last season. But that John guy is a major A-S-S-H-O-L-E!


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      Was skeptical when I saw the cast for this AR..but they grew on me last bout those old folks climbin the ice! Iceland was cool...literally-campin on the glacier.."I can't feel my toes!"


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        But that John guy is a major A-S-S-H-O-L-E!
        No sh1t. He makes Colin look like a swell guy by comparison.


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          It was very cool the old folks made it. You just know they're doing it for fun, and will appreciate whatever place they get knocked out of -- a whirlwind world tour paid for by CBS, how's THAT for a retirement?

          Thought the dad and daughter would lose. If not last night, then in the next few. They're just not cut out for this game, I don't think.


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            They're just not cut out for this game, I don't think.
            But isn't he ex-CIA or something? In which case he may have a few tricks up his sleeve. :evil


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              What? No one has commented on the classic line "My implants are frozen"?!?


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                Yes. That was funny!

                I don't know about the old folks just doing it for fun. I think the old lady is pretty feisty. She said something like, "For a million dollars, we'll outrun them..." or something like that.

                I do hope the wrestlers will win. They're my favorites so far, but the lady was kind of annoying. I feel sorry for the male wrestlers.

                Ditto on Jon. I want to kick his ass.


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                  That wrestler wife is a psycho. And that husband.... needs to tape her mouth shut. And I can't believe I just typed that. But alas, I did, because she's evil!:evil


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                    I'm sad that the hot chicks lost last week and the grumpy-old couple won. See! There is no justice!!!!


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                      Me too. The loss of the smokin hot chicks was a real blow to the show. Oh well, trudge on.


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                        smokin hot chicks

                        I was sad to see them go too. They were kind and patient and had a sense of humor. By this time last season, I had a team I was rooting for. This year I can hardly stand ANY of them.

                        The locales have been lame so far...iceland? norway? and now Senegal?

                        Can't wait to see some of them get fleeced in Africa again.


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                          Re: smokin hot chicks

                          Line of the night perhaps:

                          "When Don throws up...I catch fish!"



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                            Re: smokin hot chicks

                            Just how freaking lucky are they to be in last on the week with no elimination?????

                            Well, at this point, I hope that the wrestlers win. However, based on the glimpses from the next episode, I can't disagree with the girl who said that the male wrestler is on steroids. :lol


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                              Did anyone see tonight's episode???? OMG. The day when she punches that guy in the face, it will be the day when I will have multiple orgasms.