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    Iâ€TMm starting to change my mind about Apprentice. I actually thought it was a more sophisticated show but after last night, itâ€TMs just your plain old reality show with the same old contestants. When are we going to get something new?

    But since I did see the show, let me talk a little about it. I thought the girl with the big mouth (who wouldnâ€TMt shut up) should have been kicked off the show. I also think they should have let the other one keep walking. Where was she going anyway? It was those two girls who ruined the season for me. One should have gotten the axe, and my day would have been much better.

    Please chastise me and send this post to One on One. Itâ€TMs the only way that a part of me, gets to see the unknown.


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      I thought it was good show, actually. The big mouth beeatch needs to go, for sure, but as we've seen before, being a pain in the ass is not the main criteria for elimination when you've got people who can't lead for sh1t. Her time will come, rest assured.

      As for the one who they should have let keep walking - I agree, in theory, but it's likely that for liability (i.e. lawsuit) reasons, they couldn't just let her slide off into the ether. No doubt the producers are bound to take reasonable measures to see to her safety and well-being... but yes, she'll be history as well quite soon.

      Brian was an ass-hole. Interesting how he admitted he should be fired. Holy sh1t! Who'da seen that coming? As big of a dick as he was, I actually applaud him for giving the honset answer to the question "do you think you should be fired?" Everyone who has been asked that before, regardless of whether they should be and knew they should be, would be damned all to hell if they were going to admit it.

      And the assignment was interesting for a change. Renovate a motel? That's a big-ass job, man. Really takes some intelligence, planning and ingenuity.

      Good show.


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        I think the Donald should have "let her go" == even though she was on a winning team. She's HORRIBLE. Didn't do any work, and then failed at her only job: stay up for the night shift and order donuts in the morning.


        And her excuse? "Well, I really wasn't taking care of me, and my body wasn't properly nourished."


        This girl is spoiled, has no CLUE what "work" is, and will likely NEVER be able to hold a stakes position at any company, ever. The very capacity to just up and quit at the FIRST inconvenience should send the Donald into conniptions. This is NOT who he wants running a million-dollar-subsidiary.


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          Apprentice Season II ended like 17 days ago and they're right back into another season. I'm not up for it. I'm not ready nor do I desire to invest the emotional energy in this new season. And I invest a lot, baby!!
          I concur!!!

          And dare I say it, I loved 1, 2 was okay, but I don't even watch 3! Sacreligious!

          Maybe Trump is a bit overexposed (what with the nuptials and all.) Besides now the show is just a thinly veiled informercial. What does Burnett take us for? Chumps!? I tuned in for like 5 seconds to an ep and within a minute there was Burger King then cut to: an ad for Burger King featuring... who else? Donald Trump!

          You know it's bad when you don't even bother Tivo-ing it. Just am not into it.