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  • Law and Order...Serena's departure

    A lesbian? Never saw that one coming...sighs.

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    Yeah, WTF? That was way out of left field.

    Maybe they're keeping it open in case she decides she wants to return.


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      I was laughing so hard I missed Fred Thompson's response to the question of whether she was fired for being a lesbian.

      I take it he probably said "no it's not an issue?"

      Or possibly even just "Say what?"


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        Yeah, that was TOTALLY out of left field and made no sense.

        He said something like, "No. Not at all. No."

        I mean, why the "reveal" after 4 years? Seemed way too pointlessly contrived for my tastes, but whatever.


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          Looks like she's being replaced by: Annie Parisse. Article


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            i thought "Law & Order" jumped the shark way back with the stunt casting of Julia Roberts just because she was dating Benjamin Bratt at the time. it really has become more about "the twist" in the story.

            and now, without Lennie Brisco, it just isn't very good anymore.


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              It's *always* been about the twist in the story. In fact, they had better twists early on (now they kind of suck). My favorite episode of all time is still MUSHROOMS from season 1, amazing twist end that managed to be shocking *and* call attention to a social issue at the same time.

              I think as time has gone on, the writers who know mystery have gone on, leaving folks who may know character but not plotting. For the past few years the main reason to watch was Lennie Briscoe's one-liners... now (sadly) we won't even get those.

              I always thought she was Gay anyway.

              - Bill


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                She's still hot.

                Hotter now even then when she was on Angel.


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                  She didn't even look middle-eastern. Go figure.


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                    Unca Leo -- now that's funny.

                    And WMartell -- did you just say that the writers on Law & Order know characters but not plotting? On a show where after four years, it came as a surprise when a character is revealed as gay? Law & Order is the show that set the standard for limited character work. Long before CSI didn't follow its characters home, Law & Order was sketching their personal lives barely at all.

                    As for the writers being the young ones who don't know mystery -- anyone know who the "youngster" running Law & Order 4 is? Or the "kid" running Law & Order itself, for that matter?

                    But Jerry Orbach, while no longer with us, isn't gone yet from the franchise. He'll be back when Law & Order 4 debuts. At least for a bit.


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                      I never said "young" in my entire post.


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                        Okay, point taken.

                        But you said the guys who know mystery have moved on.

                        Walon Green, a franchise stalwart, remains on the team.

                        Dick Wolf remains.

                        Many, many senior level people remain.

                        Law & Order was never so much a mystery show as a legal show. Often the real twist to the story was HOW the DA's were going to nail somebody.