Television: Dclary predicts the Numb3rs Mystery



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  • Television: Dclary predicts the Numb3rs Mystery

    Ok, the girl they interviewed coming out of the title credits, knows who the killer is. She's not telling them everything they know.

    In fact, the rapist is her fiance.

    That's my prediction.

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    My prediction is that the rapist is a guy who recently moved from Silver Lake to Century City.

    AND that he runs a party/catering service. Call it a hunch.


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      My prediction is this won't last a full season.

      But longer than the blind cop drama. Ugh!


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        Only on television do teaching assistants in the math department look like that...



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          Re: Television

          Actually, if you were at UCLA at the right time, the math teaching assistant might have looked like this:


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            my big problem with this episode was that a math geek had to tell the FBI to seach for some sort of pattern in this string of 13 crimes...god, i'd hope the FBI would be smart enough to figure that out on it's own. 13 victims and the fbi didn't think to search for some sort of pattern, some kind of tie to each crime besides the stupid branding thing. wow! you can just forget about our national security if we have these lovely agents on the case. the fbi conserving energy? there's the scene where the agents just found the dead lady's corpse and they're huddled around a couple of tv screens in their office -- no lights on. i guess for dramatic purposes, eh? later, we see "northern exposure" boy going over the facts of the case late into the wee hours of the night -- no lights on. gee, think that might be the problem with the case, can't read the files? also, my fav, same scene...a janitor is vacuuming in the dark. personally, that's how i like to clean...can't see the dirt, it must be gone. what is going on, people? c'mon!


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              Re: numbness...

              I'm glad my prediction was wrong. A nice show. I don't go much for crime drama, but I liked this better than CSI.