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    This episode was a bit of a shocker to me. Not so much the fact that Boone and Shannon are not actually related (they are steps), but that Boone saw her get killed by the big thing (which looked like swirling bushes/trees), only to find out it never happened. Locke did this. He set this whole situation up for Boone so that he could 'let go.' Wow!

    Did anyone (who must be blind) not notice Sawyer at the police station when Boone went to them to ask for help in order to extricate his step-sis from her boyfriend?

    There are other things, but that's it for now.

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    They need to start answering some questions very soon, cause the blue-balls is killing me. A tease is only fun for so long.


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      Re: answers

      Great episode but for the "Shannon's death by beast was just a bad dream" artifice. This is the second time they killed off somebody only to later negate it (Charlie being the first). I don't particularly care for that brand of manipulation. Considering the greatness of the show, however, that's a relatively minor complaint.

      P.S. Yes, anomalies, the Sawyer sighting was pretty conspicuous.


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        Re: answers

        This ep sucked. Totally cheap writing.

        Also, the Sawyer-having-something-and-not-giving-it-back is getting tiresome (the previews for next week). I grow tired of this show.


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          Re: answers

          Only because you're not writing for it yet.


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            Re: answers

            The coming attractions have been misleading occasionally so Sawyer having the diary may be a small point...

            The episode was ok, not great. No french woman and no idea what that door is for. The backstory of the brother and sister wasn't interesting enough.

            I wouldn't give up on the show yet, Boobs. All shows have a really sucky filler episode every season.


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              Re: answers

              I grow tired of this show.
              Be sure to mention that in your Alias interview :b

              I liked this episode - hallucinations, pseudo-incest, pee-on-my-foot jokes, and toilet humor.

              Really though the Korean should remember the old saying "give a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach him to fish..." because Hurley can probably put away a few fish.

              In addition to doing Boone and Shannon's backstory, they took time to make sure all the new viewers (and old too) were caught up with all the subplots, a necessary evil I think.

              Plus we got a big clue with regards to the nature of the beast in the forest, how it and the island are somehow connected to the demons of our past. A leaning toward a supernatural/spiritual explanation perhaps, but there could still be some gizmo beneath the hatch making it all happen.


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                Anybody here think the Asian guy can speak English? Or that he might suspect his wife can? I liked the garden, that was rather cool.



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                  I think the husband can, if you think about it, if he was working for her father all this time he would have sent him to classes to learn it too.

                  The garden is a nice idea.

                  My only problem is, in the last two episodes where is the pregnant girl and her captor? It's like the kidnapping didn't even happen and why aren't they scouring the woods for them? Granted the wack job said he'd kill her but come on you got 45 people vs 1 wackjob...

                  And we got another polar bear next week...


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                    I really liked the episode. The backstory with Shannon and Boone was pretty killer. Didn't see that coming. And it explains a lot. I wasn't crazy about the dream sequence bit. Part of me would've liked Shannon to really die, but part of me is in love with her and wants to see her every week. Also, can we really determine anything new about the monster if it was a hallucination?

                    I really have no problem with not mentioning Claire. The trail went cold. Simple as that. They'll get back to it eventually.

                    After seeing Sawyer at the police station, I have a feeling we're going to see that the running theme is fate. This is probably a hint of the backstories weaving together more in the future. They already had the Koreans watching Jack at the airport as he argued with customs about his father's coffin. I'm sure it's going to happen again.

                    I'm looking forward to that hatch opening. I think they're going to find some sort of device that downed the plane. The big cliffhanger will be the realization that they were not brought to this island by accident. I felt this before, but after Sayid mentioned that something was throwing the compass off, I'm guessing it was something large enough to down a plane.



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                      Giant Magnetic Device that can down a plane/boat....

                      ....doesn't a big enough ammount of a specific mineral do that too?

                      As for the trail growing cold...why did it grow cold? Why did the writers write it like that? We've been focused on the castaways since they crashed on this island and now this potiental plot to move the story forward just disappeared like the french lady which is even more annoying, it can't be that big of island, right?

                      It's just annoying to me only because the writing has been kickass up till last night and it's only going to get worse with repeats on the horizon...


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                        Do you know how far a plane travelling 650 miles an hour moves once it's been ripped in half and comes down in a crash? There's no possible way that what was on the island caused the crash if they landed on said same island.


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                          True, Dave. But this type of "detail", however true to the laws of physics and probability, seems typically to not factor in to dramatic storytelling, particularly not a story that is so laden with supernatural elements. I would therefore not rule out that angle.


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                            Fine then. Big ass magnet.



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                              Any Lost fans watch Alias tonight? During Weiss' b-day party at Sidney's house, you can hear Driveshaft's song playing on the radio. It made me chuckle...