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  • Tilt

    This should probably be on Sci-Fi because it bears no semblance to reality. The hands shown have no basis in logic. $4000 raise w/ Deuces and a call w/ 4-6 in a live game - not very likely. A hand later was played w/ 3-4 that seemed out of whack.

    That being said, it's not a bad show, but not as good as "Lucky" which seemed infinitely more realistic with the boom/bust nature of poker as well as the mooching friends.

    BTW, where are all the Asians? or the Middle Easterners? Have the writers ever been to a card club? This whiteness was true in "Lucky" too (too be honest, practically all shows: I haven't seen too much of ER, but have they ever had a Filipino nurse character?)

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    Considering ESPN's track record of original shows (Playmakers) and movies (Pete Rose and Dale Earnhardt) I don't expect this one to be very good. They promoted the hell out of this show and it turned me off completely. It looks unrealistic and completely over the top. I might catch a rerun, but don't expect much.
    And Lucky on FX was a fun show.
    As for the minorities in TV shows, they're aren't many. Never really watched ER, but are all the nurses obese? Now that would make it more realistic.


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      Lucky was pretty good, but really had little to do with the game. It dealt with the frail existance of the players (actaully player), his outlandish sidekicks and the Glitz, that is Vegas.

      Tilt appears to be focusing on the game, which, at best, is boring to watch. Poker is not a spectator sport, regardless of what ESPN is trying to tell us. And to make it worse, we are being asked to be spectators in a game where the results are already known. Reality TV in quite possibly its' lowest state.

      Now that we have the bad news, this will undoubtedly have its' followers.


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        flushtrated, where do you play?

        Poker is to the 00's as swing dancing was to the 90's.


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          Mike, could you email me at [email protected]? I'd PM you, but yer PM's not enabled.



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            I play in the SF Bay Area. Garden City Casino in San Jose has the best 20-40 game anywhere.

            I make frequent trips to LA and play at the Commerce where the games are so good that they're practically impossible to beat.