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  • Alias

    Saw it last night. I won't watch it again. Sydney gets rescued by boyfriend (I am so tired of that relationship, just kill him off already), she gets rescued by half-sister.

    She kicks butt but can't save herself.

    stupid - stupid - stupid ... I'm done. Will not watch this show again.


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    Wow, I thought the 2 hour season opener was pretty spectacular! I'm sorry you feel the way you do, StRogue -- IMO Alias is still one of the best shows on TV and better than most feature films. I especially love how JJ Abrams shakes up the show every so often, reconforming the structure so that what we're watching is still familiar, yet totally different. I personally can't wait to see how the rest of the season shapes up!


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      Abrams simply took the same team, into another team - Black Ops. It's so ridiculous, imo, because it really just takes them all from one location to another - all under the gise they don't follow CIA rules.

      First year was great. Loved it. She had a foundation of friends, best friend, she had a life, a separation from the "job."



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        This was the first episode of Alias I've ever seen. Given that I have no idea what the show was BEFORE, I thought the show NOW was pretty darn good, given the usual crap on TV.


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          I read somewhere that Abrams felt the show had lost some of its "spark" that made it so special the first season, and that he wanted this season to recapture some of it. I'm glad they are all back together again, and based on the premiere, I think this is going to be one of the better seasons.

          I'm hating her sister though...why does every show feel they need to add a sister character (Charmed, Buffy, etc. etc.)?


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            You'll hate the fact that there's apparently another sister out there being introduced this season.


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              What?! You're serious?


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                That's what I've heard.


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                  Though I applaud JJ for recognizing what worked about Alias (the first season) and what didn't (the ensuing seasons), I thought this premiere was dire.

                  For me, in Alias, I thought it a great twist that she was a double agent, working with her dad, who was also a double agent, with one common goal: Bring down SD-6. What was most interesting was, though she was this top spy, she was living with her best friend (Francie) and engaged to a guy (though not for very long) who had no idea what she did.

                  What was interesting about that, to me, was the fact that she could have been Any Girl walking down the street. But, she was this Uber Spy, who had to go home to her friends and lie to them about what she was. One great episode, where a good friend/fellow spy, dies. And she goes home, her roomate immediately knows something's up. But Sydney can't tell her what happened, so she makes up some story. And it's heart-wrenching. Because we see the pain that Sydney's in, the roomate sees it, but doesn't understand, totally.

                  In this, the poor man's pilot, "Authorized Personnel Only," everyone knows who Sydney is. In fact, it appears the theme is, "A family who spies together, stays together." And, all the tension they tried to create, all feels false. Don't get me wrong, there were good points, where we feel JJ's hand, where Syd's walking down that tunnel, and the back ups are just realizing the tunnel's where it's going to happen. That was great tension. Good drama.

                  But where, in the pilot, Sydney was the chick of steel, the one who was able to go back and get the thingymabob singlehandedly, the one who outwitted Suit and Glasses, all while tied up and in pain from being tortured... in the poor man's pilot, our hero had to be rescued on numerous occasions. I mean, this chick's selected to be in this special ops team, and she's gotta be rescued twice? Come on.

                  I did like to see the shout outs to the pilot. The torture scene (but really Tamasaki was a poor man's Suit and Glasses), a couple of the action scenes, the non-linear story telling (though, it was done incredibly in the pilot, not so much here).

                  The episode felt too full of itself. Almost poking fun at itself. And, what made the show great for me in the first season, was the fact that the actors and the writers took it seriously (um, in a fun way). Now, it seems, that the writers are sort of winking at the audience and camping it up, more than necessary.

                  If this were the first ep I'd ever seen, I think I would have enjoyed it much more. Deek, you should get your hands on the pilot ep. It's soooooooooo much better.


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                    boobsie -- agree 100%

                    and since you'll be close the the ABC offices... maybe you can teach them all a thing or two