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    I don't know about Chloe being one of their best inventions, but (Chloe) Allison Mack's boobs are some of God's best inventions.


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      That's a whole lotta space clouds.
      You think the black kryptonite could have passed through yet another space cloud? :lol

      Man, I thought I knew quite a bit about Superman, but I had no idea there were so MANY variations of kryptonite.

      Idea for the show, though - bring Doomsday on to the show, and let's get the real party started! :evil


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        Another explanation from another "geek" I found online...

        In the known Superman universe, there are 5 types of Kryptonite: green, red, blue, gold and white. White K affects Kryptonian plants only.

        Assuming black as the summation of all colors, Black K must be a combination of the Green K, Red K, Blue K and Gold K...the only four types available.

        A split, using all four types of Kryptonite has happened before, told in Superman #162 (volume 1) back in 1963. Superman used the combination of all 4 types of kryptonite that affect kryptonian non-plant life to split himself into 2! He split into Superman Red and Superman Blue.

        read it here!

        The VERY first time Superman split into two personas it was due to expose of Red K. In this instance there was a 'good' Superman and an 'evil' Superman...this was a simple "erratic result", the normal effect of Red K.




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          There was that sh!t in Superman 3, too. It was greenish, but still had the effects of the red.


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            Just for the heck of it: