LOST, "Raised by Another", aired 12/1/04



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  • LOST, "Raised by Another", aired 12/1/04

    Now THAT is how to end an episode. Is it next Wednesday yet??

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    If I may quote Paulie Walnuts..."Holy F*ckin' $hit!"

    Great, great, great episode. We found out something we knew was coming--somebody wasn't on the plane. Part of me wishes it was one of the main characters...but when you see the look on Ethan's face at the end of the episode...wow! Evil as hell!

    I'm blown away by this show's ability to continually ask new questions while always moving the story forward. There's never a shortage of mystery. So what's the deal with this baby? Is it possible the psychic didn't put Claire on the plane to keep her with her baby, but to deliver the baby? Does this baby have some power to save these people? Sounds like it's getting into religious territory again, but if anything, I feel like we're definitely moving away from the purgatory theory.

    This is just one intense show.



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      the baby is satan


      the baby is Satan.

      Ethan is the Frenchwoman's son - also Satan. :evil

      This episode was great! (I still say the big thing is a dino.) >D


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        Re: the baby is satan

        Interesting about the baby. Makes you wonder why the potential danger wrought by the baby would be neutralized by its mother's -- and only its mother's -- care.

        Curious too that there is someone who was not only not on the plane, but who also would be so bold as to live amongst them now that they're there.

        As we learn more about these people we oddly find ourselves knowing less about their world, as the universe grows at an even faster rate than our understanding of events.

        Damn good stuff.


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          Re: the baby is satan

          It's possible that Ethan was there solely for the baby. After all, maybe he really did attack Claire in the night for the baby.

          I hate to get too...whatever...but is there some meaning in Ethan's name? They made it a point to not only say his last name, but spell it.

          ETHAN ROM

          Anybody good at those word jumble things? I have a feeling there's something in there.



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            Re: the baby is satan

            "ETHAN ROM

            Anybody good at those word jumble things? I have a feeling there's something in there?"

            2 Variations:
            -- THE ROMAN
            --OTHER MAN


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              Great ep!

              What a great episode! Best one since we found out about Locke's legs (second ep?).
              I can't wait to see what they do next. I've given up trying to figure out what will happen next and what is going on. It just keeps surprising me.
              And I knew there would be more of William Mapother. He's good at playing the bad seed, a$$hole freak. (Anyone see the movie In the Bedroom? He was evil and scary).


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                Re: Ethan

                Forgot to mention that ROM is computer talk for "read only memory."



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                  I missed the episode, want to give me a quick recap?



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                    I don't think it's possible to give a brief recap of this show!

                    Charli, have you checked out www.televisionwithoutpity.com? No true TV lover should be without it.



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                      It's unforunate that the guys at no pity decide to get a few pages to the latest Enterpris Dreck while Lost gets a paragraph....


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                        lost episode listings and reviews

                        listings, etc.: www.lost-tv.com/episodes/
                        reviews, etc.: www.tvtome.com/tvtome/servlet/ReviewGuide/showid-24313/Lost


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                          some other stuff

                          the reviews over at TVTOme are great, BTW.

                          I was reading a line quoted there, 'Hurley: "So, did you find it?" Locke: "No, it found me."' And I remembered that Locke looked up, just like when he saw that dino. I think the big thing may be telepathic.


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                            I'm surprised that nobody commented on one of the first scenes of the episode...in Claire's dream when she approaches Locke. His eyes -- one is black, the other is white. A recurring image.

                            Question: Is this black and white stuff only with Locke or did it ever happen with other characters?



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                              At TVWP, they usually post a quick paragraph a day or two after the episode, but a nearly line-by-line summary that's probably 20 pages long usually follows about a week later.