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  • HOUSE, M.D.

    Any subscribers to EW pop in the DVD of the pilot episode? I just watched it.

    Hugely disappointing. I guess my biggest complaint is that I'm sick of all the medical dramas already clogging up the airwaves and don't see why we need another one...especially when it's so mediocre.

    The character of House is interesting; I like the idea of a doctor who doesn't give a sh!t about people...but his "team" is lame. Omar Epps as the doctor with street cred? Jennifer Morrison as the doctor with a damaged past? Ugh.

    Calling Dr. Cliche!

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    I put this on yesterday, and the last 10 minutes were all f-ed up on my DVD, so I didn't see how it ended. I wasn't all that impressed, but after investing 30 + minutes of my time, I wanted to see what happened. I guess I'll have to tune in for the series premiere next week...

    I will say I really enjoyed Hugh Laurie's performance. That's a very interesting character. And I thought some of the dialogue was pretty sharp (especially the scenes between Dr. House and his boss). But all the supporting characters were so bor-ring.


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      So you didn't see the diagnosis of Robin's character? If you're interested....


      So it turns out she had parasitic worms from eating undercooked pork...or ham. I can't remember which. One of the offspring went from her bowels to her brain. It turns out that a person can live for years with this type of worm without any's only when one starts to "die," in essence, that the host gets all f-ed up.

      That's what's happening to the one in her head. So they give her some pills -- yes, just two measly pills a day for one month will do it -- and that's it.

      The school children come to see her and everyone's happy.

      In the last shot, House and the doctor who admitted Robin's character are watching GENERAL HOSPITAL and having a deep "talk" when the guy who complained of fatigue comes back for a refill of the "pills" House gave him.

      House asks if the other doctor-dude has change for a dollar.

      Fade Out.


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        Enough already with the medical dramas and the law dramas. There is just no originality with network programming anymore.


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          Yeah, and TV used to be so original. :lol