HBO ready to bury 'Six Feet Under'



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  • HBO ready to bury 'Six Feet Under'

    The pay cabler has confirmed that the upcoming fifth season will be the last, series creator/executive producer Alan Ball recently informing HBO executives that he felt the show will have run its creative course by the end of the upcoming 12-episode season.

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    I think it's a smart move. There doesn't seem to be much existing mystery to the show. A lot of the plot lines have been figured out and many character seem like they're on their way to a peaceful existence (David and Keith are working out, Nate is starting a family with Brenda, etc.). Bringing in more serious drama at this point would seem like they're trying too hard.

    Good idea to wrap everything up neatly and do this series right. So far, it's been nearly perfect. Can't wait to see how they finish.



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      Agreed, ele. As sad as it would be to see it go, it seems the sensible move given the show's apparent arc.

      Besides, it'll free up some Alan Ball "capital" (and SFU staff) to pursue something fresh.