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    I used to be addicted to this show. It's on Court TV a lot.

    I'm watching an episode right now and the crime scene investigators are using luminal to detect the presence of otherwise "invisible" blood.

    This is done practically in every episode since just about every episode deals with a somewhat violent homicide. Its ridiculous how every time the same narrator has to explain to the audience what luminal is. Seriously, he must have recorded a thousand different explanations of what luminal is for this show.

    They should just have a disclaimer before each episode telling what luminal is. Or work it into the title sequence as to educate what it is to save the narrator the trouble.

    There. Wasn't this a fascinating post? Gimme a break - it's a slow night.

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    That luminol stuff looks so cool. ... when there's blood, anyway. And there generally is, or there'd be no point in shooting the scene.


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      I remember seeing an episode of The New Detectives, the Discovery Channel docu series that pretty well started the whole forensic craze. It was titled "The House that Screamed" or something like that. Was about a guy who murdered his wife in their house -- with a hammer -- then dragged her out the back door, disposed of the body, and reported her missing.

      The crime scene guys used luminol on the house, and it was like a horror flick. There was blood on the walls, on the frickin' bedroom ceiling, a long smudge down the hall to the back door (I guess her pulped skull had rubbed against it), droplets everywhere. The guy thought he had cleaned up well, since no blood could be seen by the naked eye, but he was so incredibly wrong.