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    Bye Bye Chowds!!!!
    Start whining about the curse.

    Go 'stros!


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      I just LOVE how Fox, before each game, shows an old clip of a grinning Babe giving the thumbs up.

      Classic! :lol


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        Yeah, no reason to expect Fox to be unbiased at this point, is there? :lol

        The "Godzilla" references to Matsui are both politically incorrect and hilarious. Dude can hit the ball. What's he going to be like next season?


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          Wasn't Matsui's nickname in the Japanese league Godzilla? I think that's where the Godzilla reference's come from, not Fox news. Fox isn't that clever.


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            Yeah he had that name for a long while.


            Matsui is a class act. So well mannered. Extremely media-friendly. A perfect gentleman and an amazing athlete. There's like no ego.

            This guy is rare.


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              Best show on TV.

              This is drama.

              What a series.

              There will be a game 7.



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                Go Red Sox. F the Yankees.


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                  F both teams. American League baseball is worthless.


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                    Loved watching A-Rod and Jeter act like they didn't know what was wrong when that play was reviewed and reversed.

                    If you think you can get away with it, then go for it. But if you don't get away with it, don't act like you're innocent. There's a dozen cameras and a hundred million eyes on you. :lol


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                      Yeah, kudos to the officiating staff for making the right calls on the Belhorn homer and on A-Rod's ball-slapping incident. Had they both (incorrectly) gone the other way, the game would've finished at a 3-3 tie after nine.

                      And yes, A-Rod did look like a horse's a$$. :lol


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                        Too bad this officiating staff wasn't there for the Braves in the 1991 World Series.


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                          OK, you guys are gonna think I've lost it, but remember that I didn't say it's true - I am just telling you what I heard on Coast-to-Coast. Last week a woman came on and she told George Noory that the supposed Red Sox curse could be lifted, then she instructed people how to do that. George Noory mentioned on the program last night that if the Red Sox win, he is going to think that all/some of the listeners lifted the curse after listening to his guest!

                          This is all true. I didn't make it up. 0]


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                            Too bad this officiating staff wasn't there for the Braves in the 1991 World Series.
                            Two words: Kent @#%$ Hrbek.


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                              Nice the see the umpires huddle together and get the calls correct. But where were they in '96? They should have reversed the homerun call because that little a-hole Jeffrey Maier reached over and pulled the ball into the stands.