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  • Who's Line is it anyway?

    One of the best shows on TV. I can't believe the improvizational comedic genius that comes out of those guys.

    I almost bust a rib during one episode when Wayne Brady sang a song in the style of "Sting". That guy's amazing.

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    You realise you're praising a show that doesn't have writers, don't you? On a writers board...?


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      Have you seen Drew's new version of the show? They film it live in front of a green screen, and then animators make "funny pictures" out of the whole thing before it airs.

      Sadly, it's funnier live.


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        Yeah its a funny show. And Brady without a doubt is the funniest. But the other guys definitely have their moments too. All the regulars are hilarious.

        I hear however that Brady has quite a large ego.

        Oh by the way, the show does have writers.


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          I never found it all that funny, and I never believed it was all truly improvised.

          Wayne Brady was hilarious on The Chappelle Show, though.


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            "Is Wayne Brady gonna have ta kill a bitch?"


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              Actually, Wayne Brady is currently on Broadway playing Billy Flynn in the Broadway version of Chicago. When me and the wife go to New York (tomorrow! yeah!), we might try and check him out on Broadway.

              And yes, the show does have writers - they don't write the gags themselves, but DO come up with the format of the show (though I wouldn't be surprised if they came up with some gags to help the performers out).

              One of my favorite Whose Line bits is actually from the British run of the show (when the hell are they gonna come out with a DVD of the shows already?!). Ryan Stiles and Colin Mocherie have to 'rate' each other - they talk, then one of them 'talks' to the camera, then back to the scene again. The scene is Ryan works in a hardware store, and Colin is a female who comes into the store. Colin goes "I'm looking for a hammer." Ryan walks up to the camera and goes "I knew she was looking for a hammer. Maybe a couple of nails and a good screw." :lol That's when I became a real fan of the show.


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                I loved the British original. Josie Lawrence and John Sessions were brilliant. Big Ryan Stiles fan here too


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                  The original British show and the newer version and both great.
                  However, when Drew Carey takes a stab at it, it's just awful. He's not good at improv and should just stay at his desk.