GOTHAM - The epitomy of gender equality



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  • GOTHAM - The epitomy of gender equality

    I'm really enjoying Gotham.

    One moment last night really struck me, mostly by how much it didn't strike me.

    Harvey Bullock punched a woman.

    He and Gordon had shown up at a perp's apartment. While Gordon was handcuffing the guy, Bullock was getting tossed around the room by a much larger woman. She has him on the floor, about to smash him with a television, when Gordon pulls his gun and tells her to back down.

    Bullock gets up, dusts himself off, and punches her.

    And I had no problem with it.

    Normally a man punching a woman is used only to show how evil and despicable he is, but with Bullock it made perfect sense. She was a criminal that had just gotten the best of him. Probably would have killed him if it wasn't for his partner. So Bullock did what he would have done to any criminal in that situation, regardless of sex.

    Isn't that true gender equality?