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    Which, in your opinion, is the single best season of the Simpsons?

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      Seasons 4-8 are so close in brilliance, it's hard to put one ahead of the others. But I gotta go with Season 5.

      Cape Feare
      Homer Goes to College
      Rosebud ("have the Rolling Stones killed")
      Marge on the Lam ("directly under the sun.... now")
      Boy Scoutz N the Hood
      Last Temptation of Homer ("Colonel Klink! Why have you forsaken me!")
      $pringfield ("I call him Gamblor")
      Homer and Apu
      Lisa vs Malibu Stacy
      Deep Space Homer
      Homer Loves Flanders ("I can't! It's a GEO!")
      Bart Gets an Elephant
      Burns' Heir ("Ooooo. He card reads good!")
      The Boy Who Knew Too Much

      But it's a toss-up. You can't go wrong with any season 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8.



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        Homer Loves Flanders

        I like Ned walking into church where Homer is sitting up front, saving a seat for Ned.

        Homer, "Hey Ned, I got us some kick-ass seats!"


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          Season 5 comes out Dec. 21st.

          I didn't think I'd like Season 2 again but it's still funny like A brush With Greatness and Homer vs. Lisa and the Eigth Commandment.


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            I totally agree about seasons 4-8 being the "Golden Years" of THE SIMPSONS...heck, I'd even throw in season three (love the softball episode with the ringers!)

            That said, to look at some of the shows from season 5, I'd have to give my vote to that one. Thank God December's right around the corner!