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    Has the new season begun yet? FX got moved around and can't figure out when it starts up again. IMO, it's the best show on TV not named SOPRANOS or WEST WING.

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    Tuesday, June 22, 2004, at 10pm.

    Um, I can't tell you where to find FX on your local channels, you're gonna have to do that for yourself.


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      Never watched it, but I must say I think the new adverts with the two stars reflections in a silicone breast implant is genius. Maybe I'll give it a try.



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        I don't know about this show. To me, it seems like there is something missing and I can't quite put my finger on it.
        I have noticed that the two surgeons are quite un-expressive and IMO come across as a little flat. Mayeb this is it but I would welcome other opinions.



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          My wife and I just started watching the show this season, and we love it. It reminds me a lot of Six Feet Under -- a smart, stylish and often times clever soap for adults.

          Now, we just have to get the 1st season DVD to catch up...


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            what a season so far!

            Used to be for me that Sopranos had no peer. Nip/Tuck is the closest I've seen for sheer enjoyment. Hysterical lines and endless recurring plot lines mixed with a bunch of beautiful people having sex... who'd have thunk it?

            I think it's the most stylized series I've seen since Twin Peeks. That last episode had the greatest TV sex scene I've ever scene--not cuz they showed the "act" (they didn't), but because of the way they played the two different couples off each other.

            At least with Nip/Tuck I don't have to wait a year and a half between seasons.


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              Re: what a season so far!

              Did anybody see Tuesday's episode, which featured probably the most graphic sex scene (a three-way, no less) I've ever seen on basic cable! I'm not easily shocked, but this scene sure threw me for a loop. It definitely out did anything I've seen on HBO.


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                i think this show is great

                I 've come to love this show - my first season watching it

                I think all three of the fx dramas are really good in no small part because they do things you just can't do on network.

                Knowing this, they go for it and pull it off.

                Rescue Me

                all rock


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                  This episode was over the top in the gore, which is fine to a certain extent. It just seemed as though they were going for extreme shock value.

                  The theme was good: Grass is greener. But, the climactic scene was very reminiscent of Kimber's freakout last season. Which is a shame, since this show is fabulous and I hate to see them retreading.


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                    Anyone else see tonight's episode? I can't believe how awful it was! The writing was just embarrassing.


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                      season finale

                      man that was creepy on a couple different levels.

                      the show has lost me a bit with the over the top incest stuff, but I have to admit where they ended up was pretty whacked.

                      great cliffhanger ending too.


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                        Re: season finale

                        The last 2 eps. were pretty brilliant, I thought. My wife and I were blown away by the twist regarding Famke Jansen's character, and I loved the cliffhanger! The last 5 minutes were positively exhilerating!


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                          Re: season finale

                          Hate to admit it...but Alec Baldwin did a good job with his character. Joan Rivers? ...that didn't work.