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    Anybody catch the debut last night? A few big things happened:

    James Gandolfini's cameo as Tony Soprano was one of the funniest things I've seen on the show since Walken's cowbell sketch. Man, is Gandolfini good--a real class act.

    Alec Baldwin was very welcome and sharp in the monologue. Brought the funny that Affleck could only dream of.

    Weekend update now looks like a billboard for lesbianism. While Amy Poehler is hilarious, it was a huge mistake putting her in the chair. There is a lot less comedic perspecive and possibility with two women running update. I hated Jimmy Fallon--but now I see even less potential for jokes. Go ahead, bring on the feminists, but I think it's a big mistake and an obvious attempt by Lorne to get some press.

    Oh, and the show is still not funny. A bad opening debate scene that went on too long like a broken record. The great Debbie Downer character was back, but not a laugh was made. Why? Because the actors didn't break character. That was the only funny thing about the sketch last time. The only shining moment was Affleck's portrayal of James Carville. Funny stuff and Hammond returned as Bubba. One shiny spot on a pile of turd sketches.



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    Affleck's Carville was great. I actually think he's a pretty good comedic actor who's been shoehorned into romantic leading man roles. Remember his used car salesman sketch on SNL?

    But talk about bad writing. The writers couldn't figure out a good ending to that scene, even with a Bill Clinton cameo, so everyone just walked out.

    And I'm not sure about the two women on Weekend Update. Tina Fey must have had some part in filling Jimmy Fallon's spot. I wonder if they just wanted to avoid the comparisons to Jimmy if they cast another man. But the chemistry definitely was missing.

    And Debbie Downer was indeed a downer. Oh well.


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      Yeah, I think what we learned about Debbie Downer is that it's only really funny when the cast loses it. Clearly they had high hopes for it this year by making it the first post-monologue sketch of the season, but it didn't do well at all. If it wasn't for the "waa-waaaaah" sound effects, it would be a complete loss.

      Poelher is definitely a bad choice for Weekend Update co-anchor. I would have gone with Will Forte or just let Fey host it solo, the way it was back in the day.

      Affleck's Carville was brilliant. It actually look me a minute to even realize it was him. Inspired.

      Shame the rest of the show was a bummer. Maybe two or three real laughs in over an hour of comedy? It's a good thing MAD TV comes on an 11pm, because the only thing that makes SNL seem really funny is switching over to it after watching a half-hour of that sh1t.


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        SNL is still on the air?


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          So long as there are people who get home early and drunk on a Saturday night, there will be an audience for SNL.


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            SNL has never been funny. A writing staff of thirty and they can't come up with a single joke. Makes me wonder what's going on in that writers' room.

            Even their music guests suck. Maybe once a season they'll have a good band. Like that time The Rock hosted and AC/DC ROCKED THE HOUSE. Stiff Upper Lip and You Shook Me.