This is an unfortunate for Amazing Race 6



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  • This is an unfortunate for Amazing Race 6

    The thing I loved most about this show is that its cast is so varied. We get to see normal everyday people playing on our behalf, and we cheer them on.

    Now, apparently, some d*mb*ss over at the casting department decided to put in a bunch of models and ex-strippers and wrestlers. Ugh...

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    At least they have a token "old couple" that will get eliminated early...

    an ex-playmate and an ex-stripper...imagine them on a crowded train with all those horny Indians gropin em!:lol


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      Not only do I have to put up with him at the end of ROTJ, but Lucas apparently got Hayden Kristianson is on this show as well.

      P.S. I think the new format sucks, as the variety of the contestants last time was the real drawing card.


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        I've only seen the last season, which I loved, so I can't comment on earlier seasons. However, it seems like the producers are missing the boat with the casting this year. Last season's teams weren't a bunch of hotties. Except for the models/christians, and Christie, there weren't really any hotties on the show. Now, I'm all for seeing good looking women on television, but the producers don't seem to have a clue as to what made last season so exciting. The most interesting teams were the least attractive ones. If they're just casting models and strippers, then they might as well change the name to Fear Factor.


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          complaint dept

          To voice complaints to CBS, go to and enter the "feedback" section...