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  • One Tree Hill--Join me in making fun of it

    OK, I admit I watched every episode last season. The real motivation is that I worked for one of the series' directors and hoped to get on the writing staff. That didn't work so now they actually have to entertain me to keep me watching.

    Honestly, last season was pretty solid--for a teen drama. It had a decent level of maturity and some solid twists and really had some great stuff exploring the estranged brothers.

    But this year's season premiere was the most laughable, ridiculous, juvenile crap I have seen on television in the past five years. I know it's a long shot that anybody on this board even saw it, but please tell me if you agree with this:

    1) Hayley's parents. Yikes. Guest star Huey Lewis and the woman who played the mom on My So-Called Life overacted so much that they might as well winked at the camera. And their logic for allowing Hayley's marriage to Nathan was so phony and unrealistic.

    2) Time. The season finale showed Nathan and Haylie fooling arond one night, suggesting sex. The next morning, Lucas finds them in bed and they say it's okay because they got married. But in the season premiere, we see Hayley and Nathan somehow ask her parents' permission, buy a tux and gown, and get married on the beach. Um, okay. Yeah, that's all sweet. But you wrote yourself into a corner, just bite the bullet and have them do it shotgun style.

    3) Peyton and Brooke. What was with the shots of them playfully splashing each other in the water and chasing each other on the beach. What 17 year old girls act like this? Gimme a break.

    4) The phony funeral opener. Yeah, Dan's dead. Sure. Treat me with a little respect, writers.

    5) Dan waking up to see his wife and brother hugging. Yeah, Dan's alive and thinks his wife and brother are still screwing. Sure. Again, respect.

    I could go on and on. This show blew it. I will never watch it again. Okay, maybe one more week to see if it's this laughable. But am I the only one who noticed this turn into amateur writing and storytelling?