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    With Netflix putting out so many original shows now it is becoming harder and harder to know what to put your precious time into. That said I would be remiss if I didn't recommend American Vandal. If you haven't heard of this before it is a mockumentary riffing on things like Making a Murderer where the mystery at the heart of it is who drew d***s on the cars of all the teachers at a high school. The obvious suspect is the delinquent class clown but some inconsistencies point to him being a scapegoat. As well as being funny it's actually very gripping the further down the rabbit hole you go. It runs at about four hours all together so it is very binge-able and worth your time.

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    Re: American Vandal

    Yeah, I loved it. I worried from the beginning that the joke would get old, but they did such a good job getting you invested in the story.
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