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    Hi all,

    Just found a new show called Mr. Iglesias on netflix. It stars Gabriel Iglesias aka Fluffy the comedian, as a high school history teacher who works at a school in Long Beach California.

    The kids he teaches are lower income kids from one parent homes and he works hard to show them you can have a better life with an education.

    It basically is a remake of Welcome Back Kotter in modern times. Same style...teacher comes back to teach at the school he went to, 5 main kids make up the dialog/storylines, the vice principle is a hard nosed guy who dreams of being principle so he can run the school his way, etc.

    The one thing that is different is they give the teacher character an addiction flaw he has to deal with (alcoholism, not overeating which you would think would be the one since he is an overweight person).

    I love Gabriel Iglesias' standup shows/specials, so I was excited to see him have his own series and it seems to be going well...2 seasons so far. I am only part way thru the first season and I am really enjoying it.

    So if you are looking for something uplifting and family friendly (mostly) then check out Mr. Iglesias.