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    wow. i can't believe no one has posted about the "enterprise" finale yet.

    spoiler if you have it tivoed:

    considering they had to rush it in a little bit, it wasn't too bad. it takes place during "the next generation" episode where they are finding riker's first ship that was able to phase through solid objects. riker was sworn to secrecy over it and was trying to decide whether to tell picard the truth or not. troi suggests he use the holodeck and re-create the last mission of the original enterprise to help him make his decision. so really, all the "enterprise" characters are just holodeck creations.

    now, i remember "the next generation" episode that this episode was taking place during and i don't remember riker having all that extra time to hang out in the holodeck. but that's really just a minor quibble. it ended with archer, ten years after the original launch of enterprise, addressing the newly formed federation of planets and riker making his decision to tell picard. he tells the holodeck computer to "end program" and he and troi walk out of the empty holodeck.

    then they did something fun where they show riker and picard's enterprise flying through space with picard voiceover of "space. the final frontier. these are the voyages of the starship enterprise. it's continuing mission..." then as that enterprise flies past a meteor, it cuts to kirk's enterprise and kirk voiceover, "to explore strange, new worlds. to seek out new life and new civilizations." and finally cut to the archer enterprise and archer saying (with the bad grammar) "to boldly go where no one has gone before."

    the show was much better this season. i actually watched it. i guess they never really figured out that it takes more than three seasons for a star trek series to hit its stride.

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    Re: end of enterprise

    I'm 90 percent sure they actually had Archer say "where no man has gone before," which was interesting, since it was a break from the politically correct "no one" they switched to with The Next Generation.

    I was pretty disappointed with the finale, really. I mean...


    Ending the show with Will Riker saying "End program?" In the middle of the historical, triumphant ceremony that capped Archer's and his crew's greatest achievement?

    I would've thought the show had earned a little more respectful finale than one that felt like a footnote in a lost episode of TNG.

    And what was the reason for killing off the engineer? Just to try and make it feel more like a big series finale?

    Worst Star Trek death since Denise Crosby got eaten by the talking oil slick.

    I think if I had watched this series religiously from the beginning, I'd be really pissed off about this weak finale. Of course, the reason I didn't watch religiously is that it mostly sucked, so maybe I shouldn't be surprised. But this finale just seemed so clearly half-assed, it's hard not to think they all phoned it in, from the writers on through to the director and cast.


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      Re: end of enterprise

      Paramount needs to clean house of everyone associated with Star Trek and start out fresh.


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        Re: end of enterprise

        I think it'll be a good while before we see a new Trek movie or TV series. But yeah, if I had my way, Rick Berman would definitely have nothing to do with any new Star Trek. He's the common thread in DS9, Voyager, and Enterprise (and, looking at imdb, it appears he wrote more episodes of the generally mediocre Enterprise than of any other Trek franchise).

        When the Trek shows and movies have been good, it's been more despite the top man than because of him. When Rick Berman replaced Gene Roddenberry as the top man, he definitely replaced him in that respect as well.