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    Last week I watched a 61 year old film (in that vivid early 1960s color) with a saucy premise for that time.

    Young man falls in love with a slightly older gal. Only later does he discover that she is the mistress of his over-bearing father. Lots of tension between the three of them. Mom wasn't too happy about the situation either.


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      Originally posted by RogerOThornhill View Post
      It is once again time for Groundhog Day!

      Groundhog Day, Back to the Future, Trading Places, etc. had cool premises followed by good execution.

      What are some scripts that you know of that had really cool premises that standout in your memory? For whatever reason they were not made (script execution, marketability, legal, etc) or were obscure films...
      We make a tradition of watching Groundhog Day every couple of years on Groundhog Day. (Did this year.)

      I don't know about uncool movies, but one we really enjoyed (watched it twice now) was Yesterday, where, by some fluke, the Beatles "never existed," but one musician remembers their songs.

      I don't know enough about unmade movies to know which to know which ones had "uncool premises." Unfortunately there's way too many remakes, movies based on comic books, based on crappy television shows that never good in the first place (and sequels... sequels... sequels)... I don't watch many new movies. I think movies made in the late 80s to mid 90s were some of the best made.
      STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm a wannabe, take whatever I write with a huge grain of salt.


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        Originally posted by Clint Hill View Post

        Some of my script premises are "different (from) normal." What they are, I'd better not say, but I would greenlight them (of course).
        There are plenty of profitable films with some odd premises...

        Harold and Kumar go to White Castle ...that was a real slim premise that did pretty well.


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          Originally posted by RogerOThornhill View Post
          Tucker and Dale vs Evil

          Two creepy guys at a cabin in the woods are completely innocent despite all the dead bodies laying around.

          I don't see this one on cable much anymore, but I liked it. It's well assembled and if you have the DVD it has an alternate editing of the footage from the perspective of the teenagers. I am working on a concept which partially involves cutting the same footage in differing ways to make different stories. A change of perspective.
          I liked this one also. I thought it was funny. And this is not really my kind of movie — but it had Alan Tudyk in it, whom I like from Firefly.
          STANDARD DISCLAIMER: I'm a wannabe, take whatever I write with a huge grain of salt.