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  • All You Need is Kill aka Edge of Tomorrow

    This is a great read. All You Need is Kill

    It's based on the novel "All You Need is Kill"
    by Hiroshi Sakurazaka

    Screenplay by Dante W Harper
    First Draft

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    I like to follow the development of projects from the writing history

    So here is the "Edge of Tomorrow" script by Christopher McQuarrie, Jez Butterworth and John-Henry Butterworth Here's the landing page for the script since the script (PDF) file doesn't list the authors.

    I'm looking for the shooting script or something close to it so as to compare all the scripts to the actual film. None of the above scripts have the Tom Cruise character in them. The scripts have a character named Cage which is the name of the Tom Cruise character but the Cruise character is way different and the love story between Rita played by Emily Blunt and Cage is only in the film. I think the love story element between Cage and Rita really makes for a more powerful and compelling story.
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      From reddit "Because the script was being completed during production and Doug Liman rewrote the ending up until the final hour, you probably won't find a complete shooting script outside of Liman and the script supervisor. Only the Dante Harper draft is in the WGA Library and I haven't seen any drafts leaked from any other point in the rewrite process.

      Not saying it's impossible, but it's pretty futile."
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        I think the movie is a lot better.

        "Armageddon" is another movie where the movie is a lot better than any script I could find. The dialogue was the only change but it was really a lot better. I even started to write a transcript by watching the movie and changing the dialogue on the only script I could find. It's quite remarkable that everything else was unchanged; all the beats all the scene headings etc. Even the movie "Chernobyl" doesn't follow as close as its script.


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          What are your thoughts on the dialog? Last minute upgrades or ad libs?
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            I have no idea.


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              I'm just a novice but I think I found a script online that is actually a transcript someone wrote of "Spaceballs". I first read it decades ago when I first started reading produced scripts. It looked legit, then as I read about Mel Brooks I realized the script I found online couldn't be his because from what I read of the gentleman he is a character in real life. He'll talk your ear off. He's always telling jokes etc. The script I found was not written by a funny guy. It has no voice. It is bland, but what really got me was that a scene that was supposedly created on the spot by Rick Moranis was written as if it wasn't. It's the scene where Rick Moranis (Dark Helmet) is playing with action figures in his cabin on the ship. There's no transition in to the scene or out of the scene. It's just crazy funny.