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    The Black List 2022 Topped By Catherine Schetina’s ‘Pure’ – Full List – Deadline

    Anything look good to you all? Just tossing up a post because Bono emailed me, and I realized I haven't been on here for months.

    -- I wonder if "Let's Go Again," is about David Fincher's directing process?
    -- "Total Landscaping" -- wow, how are they making a whole script out of that?
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    I saw the title PIZZA GIRL and I was in.


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      Let's Go Again appeals to me as someone who frequently has to put up with sh*t directors.

      Mega Action Hit annoys me because it sounds like a less good version of my script Box Office Bust that I wrote years ago but had poor results querying.

      I always get pissed off when I'm ahead of the curve on something but can't make sh*t happen because I don't have a rep to help me out.


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        You don't have a rep but you deal with directors?
        I am simultaneously confused and intrigued.


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          I don't have to deal with them directly. I mean, sometimes I talk with them a bit because they're my coworkers.

          Since I'm a set lighting technician, and a rather good one at that, I spend a lot of time in the pocket, which means I'm physically on set with the director, DP, and actors when scenes are being filmed.

          But what I do have to deal with is the consequences of their actions. A bad director can make everyone else's life on set a living hell by descending a set into chaos or causing a day to go long.