Two fun,exciting and promising scripts making some waves...



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  • Two fun,exciting and promising scripts making some waves...

    Two fun,exciting and promising award winning screenplays from the the 20/20 Screenplay contest.

    Competition winners --
    • Ken Mora for MAGNUM FARCE
    • and Martin Fisher and Steve Hartman for THE CHARIOTEER.

    Hey, would love to read them.

    Feels like a breath of fresh air.

    I'm sure they will be optioned this year...

    Good luck to them.

    "MAGNUM FARCE, a short in three webisodes adapted from the multiple
    award-winning screenplay, is now streaming on This CG animated spoof of Dirty Harry films is the first step in the developing feature production spearheaded by Bella Fe Films. For the latest developments see: including the May 6th exclusive premiere of the entire short on the worlds 2nd most popular English language video channel, BeatnikTV (

    LOGLINE: Magnum-wielding Detective Dick Hardon has one last chance to save the city by the bay, and his career, by catching a maniacal sniper. But every step toward capture lands him deeper in political doo-doo."

    "CHARIOTEER, a true story is an epic biopic in the vein of "Gladiator," "Ben Hur," "Spartacus," and "Platoon."

    LOGLINE: A champion, driven by revenge, rises from slavery to bring an empire to its feet and an emperor to his knees. The true story of Gauis Diocles, the world's first million-dollar, celebrity-athlete. Gauis Diocles was the most famous and highly paid charioteer in Roman history. For twenty-five years he dominated a sport few survived, and was among the first athletes in history to profit on merchandise and endorsements. Diocles retired at forty-two, a multi-millionaire, and spent the rest of his life breeding horses for the chariot races at Circus Maximus. "

    Well done guys!
    You know what the news is. Now you're going to hear ... the rrrrest of the story!
    Paul Harvey