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  • Empire Strikes Back original draft


    It's pretty interesting to see how the Empire Strikes Back script changed from its original draft to what we finally saw in the theaters.

    Like that guy who did the 90 minute Star Wars prequel review mentioned, it's amazing that George Lucas was able to craft such an amazing story from the Original Trilogy due to the challenges to his ideas, technical limitations, as well as not having enough money to film everything he wanted to, which then forced him to come up with alternate solutions.

    For instance, Scriptshadow's review (which you can find on the link) mentions that Vader was originally just going to be sitting around a castle until the Emperor orders him to find Luke. While it might've been impressive to look at, it wouldn't be nearly as good as Vader already actively searching for Luke using the probe droids and hunting him down relentlessly.

    I think this is a great lesson in screenwriting, and how not to create scenes just because they look cool if they don't move the story along. I'm certainly going to have to revisit my scripts and revise scenes which may be superfluous.

    So what do you think?