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  • Men In Black 3

    I haven't :'(. What is it like? Did Etan Cohen pull it off?

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    Re: Men In Black 3

    Well, the script was unfinished as I read it. Some of the scenes were only partially done, EX. When Yaz tracks Agent Kay and Jay back in the 1960's, they get involved in a BIG FIGHT SET PIECE. Here's how it's described in the script.


    Try to include motorcycle and horse elements. Could also involve the actual aqueduct, which is close by.

    At one point Jay and Kay seem stuck, they remember...

    JAY: Take the bridge...

    They take the bridge which gives them an advantage on Yaz

    At one point, Jay corners Yaz -- Yaz BLASTS him -- Jay is knocked down. LOOKS DEAD! But he shakes it off -- reveal the PONG medallion blocked the shot.

    Culminating at a toxic waste dump in Stanton Island, with Yaz compressed into a six inch cube - hauled away in the back of a garbage truck.

    The guys give chase -- they want him captured, but no luck.

    The truck drives off...

    That's it. That's how the scene's described in the script. I don't know about you, but I can't exactly picture that scene in my head -- Yaz becomes a cube? Now I haven't seen the film yet, so I don't know if that scene is still in there or not. Also there was a character known as "Devil Girl" who helps Yaz escape his prison on the moon and later helps Yaz track Jay and Kay down. A friend told me she's gone within the first ten minutes of the actual movie. There's also some small differences people have told me from this draft of the script and the actual movie. But as a overall script, it's very weak. I don't think Etan pulled it off, but then again, I heard they tried to rush the script before David Koepp was hired to rewrite it. So there was probably a lot of pressure on Cohen, maybe it got the better of him?
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      Re: Men In Black 3

      Yeah, I heard that it even started without the script! I'm assuming that is the version that wasn't rewritten? It was quite a funny film. You should see it. It's not as good as the first one, but better than the second one


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        Re: Men In Black 3

        That's a very early draft. Different from the finished film in countless ways. Aside from Etan and Koepp, there were a number of writers working on the script up to and during production. Let's just say I know firsthand. But Etan deserves his credit. The final product reflects the contributions of many, but he was first in and it's more his than anyone's.