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  • Pyongyang by Steve Conrad

    interesting article about the story...

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    Re: Pyongyang by Steve Conrad

    I suppose I should read the graphic book the (unproduced) movie project was pitched from, before I comment, but...

    I agree with the guy who said THE ORPHANMASTER'S SON is the "real deal" text about the PRK waiting to be adapted. There's enough material in TOS to make three or four good movies, and maybe one great one.

    PYONGYANG seems awfully thin gruel to try to extrapolate a breakout movie from. On the face of it, the graphic novel sounds like another one of those white-face-in-a-sea-of-"others" -- with none of the potential drama of, say, BLOOD DIAMOND. The narrator's detachment and isolation from the lingering tragedy of North Korea come across even in the few frames given us, in the article.

    To my mind, the alternative to THE INTERVIEW is not a "dystopian LOST IN TRANSLATION," but something more like MOSCOW DOES NOT BELIEVE IN TEARS or -- closer to the PRK -- China's RAISE THE RED LANTERN or YELLOW EARTH.
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