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  • The Phone Booth

    I noticed this script is available for download.

    Was it a spec?

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    yes, it was a spec. could you post a link to the file?


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      Here you go:


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        thanks for the link. does anybody know if this is the shooting draft? i haven't seen the movie yet...


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          Not the shooting script. November 15, 2002 Draft. Read a little into it last night---if you haven't seen the film yet, I'll just say, there are some minor, but important changes.


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            And the ending in this draft sucked even more than the one that's already in the movie...


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              Re: re

              This wasn't a spec.

              There is a short film called "End of the Line", which was bought for the idea alone. Two projects sprung from this concept, Phone Booth and Cellular.

              Phone Booth is the only one to be realized.

              Expect Cellular in 2004.

              Both are written by Larry Cohen.


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                Re: re

                Phone booth is a spec Larry has been kicking around HW for years. He used to meet with Hitchcock regularly and pitched the idea to Hitch. Hitch liked it but at the time Hitch and Larry couldn't come up with a way to make it work. After Hitch died Larry kept it on the back burner until he figured out a way to make the movie work and the script went out a few times and jumped though many development hoops and changed hands many times before it finally was made.

                I believe cellular was a spec written by someone else and rewritten by Larry.


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                  Phone Booth

                  Maybe that's why the main character's secret and the premise of a phone booth seem so outdated.


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                    Hey, what's Cellular all about? ANOTHER version of the same concept of a story? :rolleyes


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                      Re: re

                      Cellular is about a woman who has been kidnapped and calls for help on her cell phone but has no idea where she is. She can hear sounds from inside the trunk of a car and the people she has called for help use those clues to try and find her before her battery runs out and the cell phone dies.


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                        Re: re

                        Deus, if true, thanks for the education.

                        I've got some skulls to crack if "End of the Line" wasn't inspiration behind these projects.


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                          Re: re

                          Check out the Nov/Dec issue of Scr(i)pt for a good interview with Larry Cohen in which he discusses the genesis of the story.

                          I was mistaken about Cellular, I though larry had rewritten Chris Morgan's script, but it was the other way around with Chris rewriting Larry's original script. Here's a link to a review of the Cellular script which goes into some detail about the plot.


                          I guess you can start knocking some skulls :eek


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                            So, who's gonna direct Cellular? :rolleyes

                            I might have mis-read the article but will Dean Devlin actually direct it? >:

                            Currently, there's no info available on imdb but I'd appreciate it if someone can tell me more about the production of this film that's due out next year.....


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                              Re: re

                              Why are you so keen on this project? Does it resemble something you are working on?

                              This is what they had on

                              Title cellular
                              Status Rewriting
                              Posted Jan 01, 2000
                              Last Updated Apr 08, 2003
                              Logline A man receives a call on his cell phone from a kidnapped woman and must save her before his phone battery goes dead.
                              Notes Turnaround from Columbia.

                              Studios Involved New Line Cinema

                              Directors David Ellis

                              Studio/Prod. Co. Executives
                              Richard Brener
                              Keith Goldberg

                              Chris Morgan
                              Larry Cohen
                              Eric Bress
                              J. Mackye Gruber


                              Lauren Lloyd
                              Dean Devlin

                              Project Types
                              In Development

                              Ashton Kutcher

                              Production Companies Exec.
                              Lloyd Productions
                              Electric Entertainment