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  • What was that all about?

    I read Jon Cohen's August 1997 draft of MINORITY REPORT.

    Can someone who understood it tell me what the ending was all about.
    So, he goes in and sees Witwer with one dead Pre Cog, and torturing one more. Then they end up killing each other because Witwer wants the Pre Cog's to be right, and he wants to be shot.
    Then there's something about Ennis Page commiting suicide because Witwer's spilled coffee wrecked something in the chamber.

    Can someone tell me more about the story. The ending. Was there ever a twist?

    And why suddenly cut to Rose and her brother (James) and Rose asking James, "Do you know what I'm thinking?"

    Pretty confusing.

    Love some enlightenment

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    haven't read it yet
    but just in case someone else wants it

    An early draft of the 'MR' screenplay from August 15th, 1997 by Jon Cohen



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      Yup. I read it from SimplyScripts. I always go to that site.

      Khabs, after you read it, if you can figure that out. Please help me out, okay? Thanks.

      I'm really confused :rolleyes


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        Re: YUP.

        ok, though I am short on time

        5 of my life time buddies celebrate 30th birthday this weekend and you can imagine how busy I am, hehe

        but won't forget about this, I'll read and post



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          Cohen's MR script...

          I just read it...

          The ending? All I could fathom was that Anderson kills Witwer (Anderson doesn't die BTW) to save James from being murdered. Why he wants to kill james when Rose was the one who saw him put the fake pre-vision disc into the open disc case I don't know.


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            Thanks, jase. Have you figured out that thing about the spilled coffee by the way? There was something about it along the lines


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              Another thing. Why did Witwer bother to fake a pre-vision disc :rolleyes


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                coffee etc...

                I can see how you are confused about Lisa's line about the coffee bringing down a perfect system because it's a dumb line IMO. Witwer spills the coffee simply to distract Page so he can slip in the fake pre-vision disc since he knows him well enough to know he would freak out and clean it up and take his attention away from the disc case. Rose sees all this and remembers it. That's about all that coffee has to do with it as far as I can work out.

                Witwer fakes the disc to get rid of Anderson because he knows Paul will try to pull the plug on Pre-crime once frank shoots himself. His belief has gone out the window. The twist is that a second disc comes out showing that he does in fact kill him afterall. It's all very flimsy stuff really...


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                  Did Witwer know about Frank commiting suicide before it happened?


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                    jase, another thing.

                    have 'ya read the book? I haven't. And is this draft of the script similar to the plot of the book?


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                      Haven't read the book.

                      Nobody knows Frank is gonna kill himself since pre-cogs never see suicides... yet in this version they get re-directed into finding Anderson and rose can see the boy about to die by accident. Too much rule changing for me to buy it.


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                        The original P.K.Dick short story is pretty different from both scripts. There is nobody above 'Anderson' trying to frame him at all. (Sorry I forget everybody's names in the original)

                        In essence the mystery is that the preogs each predict different things, because they each react to Anderson at a slightly different phase of his investigation:

                        First predicton- seemingly made by two of three psychics- is that Anderson kills a guy and there is no justifiable reason. Anderson freaks out and tries to investigate- struggling to live out the Minority Report vision where there is no killing.

                        Then in the course of solving the investigation, Anderson- only by piecing together the cloudy warnings of the psychics- narrowly avoids getting killed by this same guy- and DOES end up killing him in a justifiable way.

                        So both of the Majority voter precogs saw different versions of Anderson killing this guy. In one version there wasn't justification. This was falsely assumed to be a majority report since the outcome of 2/3 visions was that the killing occurs. Then afterwards Anderson concludes that the second majority vote turned out to the the final truth- killing occurs AND it's justified.

                        It had just all been cloudy for Anderson since he couldn't know the future intent that was ulimately behind his own action. Intent was the key difference in it being a crime or not.


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                          Re: Dick.

                          For those who are interested -

                          Scott Frank's version of Minority Report (the one filmed) is now also available online at simplyscripts.


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                            Yup! I just read it