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    Is anyone else here completely infatuated with Cameron Crowe? Jerry Maguire might not have been the most wonderfully written script, but the movie was a hit... and Almost Famous was quite touching, especially since it was based on Crowe's own teen years (although scripts based on a true story always disappoint me in that they're not original thoughts)... but Vanilla Sky was brilliant.
    If you look at the script, there are so many clues he's placed randomly.. and the ending opens so many doors for so many possibilities...
    ...Aames could have been dreaming throughout the WHOLE movie, or in a coma after the car accident and finally waking up, or (as the movie says plainly) in one of those Lucid Dreams... or many other possibilities

    I just love Crowe and all his work. What's his next project? Anyone know? I know people who have worked with him, and they all have nothing but raves about his talent and his compassion.

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    <!--EZCODE ITALIC START--> ... although scripts based on a true story always disappoint me in that they're not original thoughts...<!--EZCODE ITALIC END-->



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      I like Crowe, too, but Vanilla Sky was not his original work. It's a remake of a Spanish film - which also starred Penelope Cruz.


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        Cameron Crowe is a god. Most people my age can quote every line from Say Anything like it was the King James Edition.

        I loved Jerry Maguire but thought the script was a little too ambitious - but on repeat viewings I enjoy it more and more. Almost Famous was near film-making perfection. Vanilla Sky was good - easily my least favorite of his films, but still an interesting [email protected]#$.

        His most under-rated gift, though, is his gift for putting together the fantastic commentary on his DVDs. His voice over commentary with his mom on the Almost Famous "bootleg", his gathering the entire cast of Jerry Maguire, bringing back the cast of Say Anything.

        His next project is only being described as an untitled ensemble film. No details yet, but he said in an interview at that it's a character driven piece around eight characters.

        Oh - and his other under-rated gift is his acting ability. He's always smiling in pictures and in public - so when he appeared in Minority Report with a serious acting face on, I nearly bust a gut laughing.


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          I would agree with you that Crowe is a great writer but Vanilla Sky is flawed.


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            don't get me started on vanilla sky


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              Why doesn't anyone ever point out that the "airplane-is-almost-crashing-I-think-I'll-confess-everything" scene in ALMOST FAMOUS is a direct ripoff of the second-to-last Seinfeld episode? I think the guy's a great writer myself, but come on...


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                I thought the consensus was that both versions of Vanilla Sky were steaming piles of "Shut your mouth!"

                What? I'm just talking about SH!T!


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                  <!--EZCODE QUOTE START--><blockquote>Quote:<hr> Why doesn't anyone ever point out that the "airplane-is-almost-crashing-I-think-I'll-confess-everything" scene in ALMOST FAMOUS is a direct ripoff of the second-to-last Seinfeld episode? I think the guy's a great writer myself, but come on... <hr></blockquote><!--EZCODE QUOTE END-->

                  Because the Seinfeld episode was written in 1998, while Cameron Crowe wrote the plane crash confession scene in the early 1990s in his script, "Ricky Fedora". [source - ]

                  So unless you believe that the Seinfeld writers would rip off a scene from an unproduced indie screenplay that was at Fox, any similarities between Seinfeld and Almost Famous are probably coincidental.


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                    There's one thing I always notice about his films - he knows where he's going, and doesn't let you forget it. There's nothing more irritating than an inconsistent film.

                    I'm one of those people who never stop praising Jerry Maguire. Sure, it's a simple film, but it's so amazingly well done. Crowe is great with dialogue, but even better in simply constructing moments of pure emotion, then turning them on their head and underplaying them. In Jerry Maguire, my absolute favorite moment is the scene in which Laurel (aka, Bonnie Hunt, aka the sister) sits in the darkened kitchen, complete with work uniform and take-out food, smoking, listening to the sounds of laughter in the background. Crowe doesn't simply let us revel in Renee Zellweger's characters complete and utter happiness, he also forces us to exist across the way, in the kitchen, with the lights off, sitting with the divorcee sister. And in a sad, twisted kind of way, I loved it.

                    I'm ranting, as I tend to do, but honestly, I cannot say enough about his films...

                    ...Except Vanilla Sky, which, simply put - sucked beyond the telling. Along with "Random Hearts", it is the only film I've ever comtemplated walking out on. (in both cases, I stayed and banged my head on the back of the cinema chair)

                    OK. Must... stop... ranting.


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                      Singles rules.

                      The scene with what's his name? George C. Scott's son. Anyway, the scene with him in the phonebooth in the bar making the desperate, drunken phone call to Kyra Sedgewick was perfect. Loved the whole 'Mr. Casual' thing. Too great. So was Bridgette Fonda's character. Great.

                      But Vanilla Sky was pure torture to watch. I saw the original ... and Crowe's ... and thought both were just BAD.

                      There you have it.


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                        To the person who said Crowe had great commentaries, I've admittedly only heard one, on the "Say Anything" Special Edition DVD and it was AWFUL. I sat through about fifteen minutes before I couldn't takes it no more. Mostly because I Crowe didn't say anything of interest besides "Oh Ione, you were SO great in this scene" or "John, you SO nailed that line" and then reciting lines in the movie with the character. Maybe it got better but I didn't stick around to find out.

                        That being said, I LOVE Crowe's movies. He writes great dialogue. It's not necessarily real. It's hyper real but it's still awesome. I'd have to say Almost Famous (Untitled) is his best movie to date.


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                          I have to say he's definately decent. :-) this is very nitpicking but why does he 'bother' me? I don't know why. I can't say why. Again, this is just a matter of taste because I think he's very talented, to say the least...just for me, he's too-too something. JERRY, ALMOST FAMOUS were really good. but I thought Vanilla Sky was stupid.


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                            vanilla sky

                            ok, so the movie was stupid. i guess i got caught up in the whole psychological thing, but i rented 'abre sus ojos' and 'vanilla sky' again and i have to say, it wasn't crowe's best work after all. i do love almost famous though... but jerry maguire did not thrill me. i don't know what it was, it just seemed like a sappy, romantic thing... but the characters were very crowe-like, if that makes sense, and the story, i guess, was memorable.