matrix reloaded early draft?



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  • matrix reloaded early draft?

    what do you think?

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    It's a fake.



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      matrix reloaded script

      Look at how it's written! It has quotations!!! Whoever did that sure as hell doesn't know the difference between a script and book.


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        Re: matrix reloaded script

        I bet this script will be almost impossible to get leaked. It is Warner's best guarded secret. Chances are, a complete script will only be in the hands of a select few; i.e. the actors only get portions, not the whole thing.

        Since they've been filming for so long, and it hasn't been show up anywhere yet, it probably won't happen. And I'm glad -- I don't know if I could resist ... although it would be quite a test in self control.

        When the X-Men 2 script got leaked, it was before shooting even started. I don't think it's actually been posted yet, but from the description of some of the scenes, it could very easily be far better than the first movie.


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          Re: matrix reloaded script

          Hmmn. Other than the quotes being around every piece of dialogue, which could be a formatting glitch- I didn't see anything about the screenwriting at first that read as bogus.

          But looking a little closer I spot a few things that are suspicious... I think Nebuchadnezzar is spelled wrong... I only read fifteen pages so far but it feels a little fanfictionish.

          The aerial combat fight in the begining seems to take place in a ruined surface city- with human forces involved implied to be Zion's first ring of defense. This is totally at odds with the Matrix's notion of Zion being deep underground. That makes me think this is a fake.

          A better question is why there hasn't been a cease and desist order slammed on that site yet? The posting of that script without authorization is most assuredly some violation of the Wachaowski brothers' rights as WGA members. (Even if only that it's a fake script being dubbed a Wachowski original work.)

          Anybody want to start an office pool how fast the site will get taken down?


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            Re: matrix reloaded script

            How do we know that this script wasn't purposely leaked by Warner Bros? Of course, if it was, the quotes would give it away. On the other hand, I just skimmed it, but it didn't seem horribly written, so why would even a fan put in quotes.

            So perhaps it is a plant ... kinda like what Joss Whedon and company did with Buffy for season five ... they "leaked" an entirely fake last half of the season.