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    Event Horizon

    I'm amazed this painful subject would come up again in 2002.

    I love sci fi, and have been in the loop on a lot of projects either because of my former life as a script reader, or mainly in the case of sci-fi, thanks to my friends in the movie prop business. (Minority report: Must see.)

    I also know Holly Chant who played the ghost of Sam Neill's wife in Event Horizon, which is the most direct reason I went to this movie wanting to like it.

    But damn- those characters were 30 minutes behind the movie. It was like watching the original Omen again (which I admittedly did for the first time in the mid-90's, an era when if a babysitter showed up uninvited with two hell-hounds in tow- you would have damn well asked questions.)


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      Check www.scriptcity.net, www.scriptshack.com, www.screentalk.org .