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  • Kubrick's Napoleon script

    <!--EZCODE BOLD START--> Kubrick's plans for 'Napoleon' to be published <!--EZCODE BOLD END-->

    Tue Jun 25, 2:59 AM ET

    Nick Holdsworth

    MOSCOW (The Hollywood Reporter) --- The script and preparation details for Stanley Kubrick's long planned but never filmed "Napoleon" project are to be released in a book next year, Jan Harlan, the late director's executive producer, said Monday.

    Harlan, who is working on the book with his sister, Kubrick's widow Christiane, said the book, "Stanley Kubrick's Napoleon -- His Greatest Film Never Made," would be a tribute to a project that obsessed the director, who died in March 1999.

    Harlan is at the Moscow International Film Festival this week to present a retrospective of Kubrick films and his own biographical documentary, "Stanley Kubrick: A Life in Pictures."

    He said Kubrick amassed more than 18,000 books and documents on the life of Napoleon Bonaparte and 7,000 location photographs during his 30-year quest to make a film on the French military leader and emperor.

    "From 1969 until his death, Stanley was fascinated by Napoleon," Harlan said. "Although Kubrick films are very different in form, there is a common denominator -- the human folly and vanity built into our species that appears to be our downfall. Napoleon interested Stanley very much because here was a man with a huge talent and tremendous charisma who in the end failed only because of his emotions and vanity. Napoleon was not able to control his emotions -- it was his Achilles' heel."

    The book will include a copy of the film's script and details of the location scouting carried out in Romania, France and Britain in the 1970s. Harlan added that he would love to see the film made one day but said that its scope and sweep, covering Napoleon's entire life, would necessitate a budget of around $120 million.

    "It would be absolutely fantastic if it could be made," Harlan said.


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    I own a copy of the script, by the way.


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      Teh script is available on the net if you want. Go to simplyscripts.com

      Before, the person who hosted the site with the script took it down, but it's up now I believe. It's a really good read to, BTW. Suggest ya take a quick look see.


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        a book? i guess that's better than spielberg mucking it up