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    Lost Boys

    the original writer (Jan Fischer) is an old friend of mine here is LA. I haven't seen her in years. As she's gotten older, it's been harder for her to find work and last I heard she's fallen on hard times. She told me that she got the idea one evening while watching Peter Pan with a friend. He wondered aloud why the Lost Boys didn't age and she sponatneously remarked, "Because they're vampires." this idea grew in her and eventually she wrote the project with her writing partner. Jan's a great gal, but her talent was beaten-down by her battle with the bottle. this thread has inspired me to track her down and say hello.


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      Re: Lost Boys

      When you track her down, thank her for writing one of the best vampire movies ever. Lost Boys is a classic. Which reminds me, when is this movie going to get the dvd treatment it deserves? They always leave the good movies rotting in the bargain dvd bin.


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        Re: Lost Boys

        Yes, pull out that soundtrack... Echo and the Bunnymen's version of People are Strange is better than the Door's IMHO. And the Lost Boys Theme ("Cry little sister" or something?)

        What a fantastic collection of one-liners and vampire zingers. And one of the first to use the now-standard "Vampire's gotta die in cruel and unusual ways" rule.

        However, I disagree with a subthread on this topic.

        Movies are not necessarily made weaker because the good guys win. Nor would having the bad guys win make a better movie.

        Isn't the whole point to the hollywood experience seeing the hero "make" it? Now, if we had established Star or David as the hero, with the goal getting Michael to acknowledge his need to be with them (with the obstacles being his family and the Frog brothers) THEN it makes sense for the bad guys to win. Because then, even though they're bad guys, they're the projected good guys.



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          Scriptshack also has a habit of not including a few pages or putting some out of order. If not that, there's an annoying watermark on every page or the print is too light or two smudged to read...

          I've never ordered a perfectly copied script. And I've orderd quite a lot.

          But it's still worth it.