Hey there. I am looking for a screenplay



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  • Hey there. I am looking for a screenplay

    Hi! neat message board!

    so, to get to the business at hand, i was wondering if anyone knew where i could locate a free copy of the screenplay/script for The Lost Boys, starring Kiefer Sutherland and written by Jeffery Boam.

    thanks to anyone who can help!

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    Try Drew's Script-o-rama (www.script-o-rama.com) to see if it's there.


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      i did. link didn't work. i emailed drew about it.

      i was able to find a revised draft tho.


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        This link should work: www.script-o-rama.com/oldindex.shtml


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          nope. tried again. no go. dont work. says it isn't there.


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            I clicked the link. It worked.


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              There might be some legal issues or something with that movie, because I checked over at the imdb script database and their link was down too.

              You can always buy it at script shack. But be warned, I've bought 4 scripts there, and they're all earlier drafts then you see onscreen. $15.00 a script.


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                Lost Boys does rock. That reminds me, I'm gonna have to fish out the CD of the film.


                "Don't drink it... It's blood"


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                  well, i did manag to get a revised draft of the screenplay, and nor that much i different. just the ending, which was proabaly changed cause of the budget or whatever. and ther was one small part that was different too.

                  u know, i always HATED the endinf of The Lost Boys. good movies are ruined by bad endings. like how the ood guys have to win ALL the time.

                  its gotten really old.........


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                    Warning: SPOILER!


                    You may want to check out ARLINGTON ROAD. I think the DVD also provides an alternate ending to the film.

                    Not a great film, but it relates to your last post.


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                      Re: Warning: SPOILER!


                      but i WISH i had a dvd player...............


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                        Re: Warning: SPOILER!

                        I loved the movie Arlington Road. Now I'm gonna have to check out the DVD--thanks.

                        I like it when the bad guys win sometimes, like how you end up sympathizing with Travolta at the end of Swordfish.


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                          Re: Warning: SPOILER!

                          I only like it when the bad guy wins in the end when that's the LOGICAL thing that should happen. I loved Fight Club, but felt the ending was a little weak. I guess that's why, when it came to my first script, I had a bit of a similar ending to Fight Club - though with a major difference (I'm not mentioning anything more to avoid spoiling the movie for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. If you haven't, rent it now - you can thank me later).


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                            Re: Warning: SPOILER!

                            i loved fight club even with the ending, but they should have stuck with the books' ending.


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                              Re: Warning: SPOILER!

                              i saw fight club. good movie. i have yet to read the book tho......

                              hmmm. i'll put that on my "to read" list.

                              swordfish was great too. i liked the ending. but i have yet to see the DVD, os i ahev only seen one laternate ending. oh well.

                              as for the lost boys, if u were to change ONE part of the movie, then the whole thing would just be so much better. although changing this one part changes the rest of the movie completely.

                              Michael and the Lost Boys are on the beach. It is finally truly revealed to Michael that David and the others are vampires, and that he is one too. The Lost Boys attack the surf nazis, who are having a beach party, and Michael comes THIS CLOSE to joining them. but doesn't.

                              THAT is where it all begins to go downhill. I think that Michael should have joined the Lost Boys and made his first kill, then h would have become one of the bad guys, and in the end, they would have won.

                              i have thought about this in great detail. It's become one of my little "projects." Just for fun. To rewrite the screenplay, moderninzing the movie and making the ending more agreeable with my own tastes. I dont plan on doing anything with it when i;m done. its just for me.